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The Last of Us is one of the greatest games of our era. It's arguably one of the greatest games of all time, yet I refused to even play it. I purchased The Last of Us after hearing so many great things about it, and watched as my wife dealt with the game's first tragic moments, but I never sat down and gave the game a chance, myself. That all changed as of last week, however, and now I hope I'm the last of us to miss out on something so entertaining.

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GribbleGrunger1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Great game and should be experienced by more than 6 million players. Come on people! What are you doing?

ltachiUchiha1480d ago

Yeah thats why I truelly hope it is coming to ps4 because this game deserves more sales. If u really want to enjoy this game at its best, u have to play it on its hardest mode where u cant use the listening mode. You'll find that the game is alot more intense & if u play the way I do with most survival horror games, I play like my life is really on the line & it gives u a closer bond with the characters in the game.

Also im glad Naughty Dog made the AI as it is because though some reviewers complained about Ellie or Tes ruining the immersion of just walking by infected & not getting caught while u were in cover, I believe if Naughty Dog had made the AI see them every time they were spotted, u would have to bail them out & with such small ammo supplies u get playing on harder modes, u would die so many times that Naughty Dog did not want to frustrate the player too much that it got to a point they weren't enjoying the game & the story. Trust me reviewers would have destroyed the game if it was too hard.

joab7771480d ago

Nuh huh...its coming to PS4, so the last of us to play the Last of Us is yet to come.

Nice title though.

tazmeah1480d ago

Then I guess I'll be buying it again. This time, I might even be The First Of Us.

Salooh1480d ago

I bought it twice and will buy it the third time if they release it on the ps4. I hope they announce it fast to stop playing on ps3 , that way i will be more excited for it again .

SonyStyled1480d ago

i will admit im one of the last to have yet to play the last of us. and yes, i do own a ps3

inmusicutrust1480d ago

Stop typing and go. I just hope nothing has been spoiled for you yet

SonyStyled1477d ago

i havent really payed attention to any of the articles about the game regardless if they contain spoilers or not. the reasons in which i have not played it are for one it has a few glitched trophies that there is no fix for, that is if your unlucky enough to get glitched out. i largely refuse to play a game with broken achievements. second, i my ps3 is a launch model. from what ive heard some users with older models have had issues running the game. freezing, crashing, console overheat, etc. why should i play a game if its just going to be a miserable experience? i do in fact have a PS4 though. if it gets ported to ps4, consider me sold