Amazon First Day April Sale -PS4/Xbox One/Wii U

Amazon deals going on that includes Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze still on sale for Wii U, Ryse Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3 for Xbox One.

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dazzrazz1602d ago

How much are you making from those referral Amazon links, just wondering

Plate1602d ago

I wish Nintendo would drop the price more on the Wii U consoles.

iosgamer1601d ago

It's actually a fun system. Super Mario 3D World is awesome, and Donkey Kong is great.

R1CAN6171601d ago

Don't really see any actual sales here for example the Gold Wireless Headset is still $99 so are a lot of those items on the list

xbretbarney910x1601d ago

@Plate Yea i wish they would too so i could buy one.