Games With Gold Can’t Compete With PS Plus, But Will Phil Spencer Change That?

EGMR writes: "The majority of gamers and industry veterans out there know that Sony’s stellar PlayStation Plus offering easily beats out Microsoft’s Games With Gold program on a consistent basis. I’m a PS4 owner, so maybe you’d like to take my friend and fellow writer Caveshen’s word on that instead, since he’s an Xbox fan. Either way, it’s pretty much the reality and I’m not going to rehash all the reasons why PS Plus is a superior offering. By now, you should be well aware of all of that. However, I’ve often seen many gamers puzzled as to why Games With Gold is in fact so inferior and why it doesn’t just simply do better, and I’d like to address that issue as well as Xbox’s new direction."

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OpieWinston1573d ago

He could change that...The Games with Gold has some odd policies like limiting the value of the game that can be put for free.

I don't think PS+ or Games with Gold are "System Seller" features, or at least I hope people aren't that cheap.

Phil just needs to focus on what he's talking about...Bringing back Old IPs, New sequels, New IPs,(JRPG).

DeathOfTheFanBoy1573d ago

I would be surprised if he didn't adopt Sony's rental type offering when they launch the scheme on XB1, they have already stated it would be different from how things work on the 360, people moan that sony only rent games to subscribers but at the end of the day once you've finished a game that's that and if you really want to own it, go buy the physical verion.

OpieWinston1573d ago

I say there's a lot of truth to that BUT my friends and I usually download these games and prefer to be allowed to play the game when ever we want rather than having to have Xbox Live Gold in order to play the game in the future. This plan just gives me security in case I can't afford both PS+ and Xbox Live Gold in one month (Doubt that'll happen).

But I'm talking about people who own both systems and like the option to be able to play the games when offline.

AceBlazer131573d ago

If the quality of GwG ever hopes to improve 1 of 3 things will have to happen.

1.It adopts the 'rental' set up xbox owners bitch about.

2.Gold subscriptions get a hefty price increase.

3.Microsoft gives away AAA recent games to millions of users across 2 platforms to keep permanently out of the kindness of their hearts and pockets.

Which here seems most favourable to everyone?

curtis921573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

"sony only rent to subscribers" and on the flip side, you almost LITERALLY can't do anything without an xbox live gold account... yeah you get the game for keeps, but MS makes it where your box is pretty much useless without Gold. Whereas Sony rewards gamers with PS+, catch being you only have access to the FREE game with your + account.

Six to one, half a dozen to another.

warczar1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

If by "rent" you mean that I get to play the game indefinitely for as long as I have PS+ then yeah, I guess you guys know what your talking about. Calling PS+ a "rental" program seems kind of ignorant to me. It's going on 2 years and I can still play the games that I "rented" at the beginning. As long as your paying for PS+ you get to keep the games. How often do you stop paying for xbox live?

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31572d ago

MS could add a Gamefly app along with intertwining the subscriptions of both of their services and there you have it, lol.

redwin1572d ago

I'm with Xbox Live because of the quality of the service, not because they give me something for free, although I must say that if they offer a courtesy download is always appreciated but to me it's not a deal breaker.

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raWfodog1573d ago

"I don't think PS+ or Games with Gold are "System Seller" features, or at least I hope people aren't that cheap."

I disagree with that statement only because I think PS+ or GwG could be 'system sellers' or, at the very least, entice someone who's on the fence about which one to buy (if they can't get both).

You'll pretty much need Live (Gold) in order to do pretty much anything of worth on XB1 and now you'll need PS+ to play much of the online multiplayer. If you have to spend that money, many people will want to compare what else that will get them. A lot of extra 'free' good games could make a big difference.

ZodTheRipper1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

PS+ is without a doubt a system seller, it sold me on a Vita after I got about 20 free Vita games on my account. And a friend bought a PS3 last year after saw my PS+ collection first he thought I was joking when I showed him all the free games which he paid money for on his 360.

Dlacy13g1573d ago

I gotta agree with PS+ being a system selling service in that when you put the new gen consoles side by side now the price difference is pretty mitigated given the bundling MS is doing. Games more or less are on somewhat equal footing to a degree (more on that in a minute) and both offer pretty compelling new experiences.

The tipping point if you ask me is PS+ gives an added value to the PS4 console that the XB1 right now really lacks. Sure the games overall on PS+ haven't been "mindblowing" but they range from average to great( think Resogun ) and as a consumer hearing the online service for one will give you free games now when you sign up vs "it will eventually but we don't know when" pushes (my opinion) most gamers and consumers toward a PS4.

Getting the Games with Gold program on to Xbox One should be priority #1 for Phil right now, regardless of which form it takes. It has improved on the Xbox 360 lately to the point that it feels like a great value but its sorely missing from Xbox One.

MasterCornholio1573d ago

I agree that its a system selling feature because it provides the game a ton of value in the form of games.

raWfodog1573d ago

@ zod18

You bring up a very good important point that many need to look at objectively. PS+ gives you access to 'free' games across three platforms which can all be downloaded regardless if you own that particular console. I already have every 'free' PS4 game added to my PS+ account and I don't even have the PS4 yet. I will not be getting rid of my PS+ sub as long as I still use my PS consoles (PS3, Vita, eventually PS4) so I'm getting access to a ton of games for a little over $4 a month. That's the best rental service out there if you ask me :)

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MysticStrummer1573d ago

"I don't think PS+ or Games with Gold are "System Seller" features"

Now that paying for online play has infected PS (thanks XB fans!), the content you get with your subscription is of course important, and could definitely influence a purchase.

Tidybrutes1573d ago

PS+ is a system seller in some regard as I know 2 PS3 owners who have purchsed Vitas in the last 2 months just becuase they have got like 15+ games on their purchase list because of PS+

In regards to the next gen consoles im not so sure at this point, I already have 5 PS4 games in my list thanks to PS+ but at this point I wouldnt buy a PS4 based on that alone.

lelo1573d ago

I hope Sony has better PS4 offerings with PSN+ in the near future. Games offered until now are mehhh, with the exception of Resogun.

As for XBLA Gold, Microsoft better start offering something for the X1, otherwise there is no competition... and no competition is bad for Microsoft and bad for the consumers.

Utalkin2me1573d ago

You do realize there isn't a big library of PS4 games to give away right?

Jeff2571572d ago

Mercenary Kings just came out for the PS4 today and that is also the free PS4 game for this month. That is pretty cool that you can pick up a brand new game for nothing on day one.

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Philoctetes1573d ago

Competition is good for all of us. As a PS4 owner, I hope Microsoft makes some dramatic improvements with Games With Gold. It can't hurt us Playstation guys and can only help.

TimeSkipLuffy1573d ago

I agree. The gamer benefits from fierce competition the most!

TimeSkipLuffy1573d ago

with money a lot of things can change ^^

I love PlayStation because of PS+ and its immense value.
Games for Gold is nice since you can keep the games instead of a rental but they need to include some newer titles as well. And with money they can do that.

If he does his job well and release more exclusive games I will consider to buy the X1 as a secondary console sooner than planned :)

raWfodog1573d ago

I've always planned on buying both consoles as well but XB1 needs to make some major changes to Gold before I'm willing to buy it. I have the 360 but I've never subbed to Gold because I didn't see that it was worth it when I could multiplay on PS3 for free. I subbed to PS+ because of all the extra games it allowed me to play. If Gold can get some newer, great games for me to play as well then I will sub to Gold as well whenever I get an XB1, and if I also get to keep the games forever then that's even better.

JeffGUNZ1573d ago

I just wish they would implement games with gold for Xbox One. I upgraded to their new console and pay for gold, how about you start giving us arcade games or what not? Does anyone know when they will start doing this for Xbox One owners?

Ginesis1573d ago

I'd rather he focus on bring new games to the table. These free game "things" are the least of what I want as an xbox one customer. Keep bringing the updates/features and new games.

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