Godzilla Got Game

Grab It Magazine has a report about a newly announced Godzilla game that will tie into the upcoming film.

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iosgamer1545d ago

Looks a lot like what I thought a Godzilla game would not be. Hmmm...

crusf1545d ago

I really wanted another Godzilla fighting game a la Godzilla Unleashed. Those were extremely fun to play with friends. But no all Hollywood cares about is money and appealing to the casual audiences of Mobile gamedom. Remember when it was about fun?

MadMax1544d ago

Yea, it's not about fun anymore and that's ashame. Godzilla save the earth was the best Godzilla game! On the 360 upscaled to 1080p it looked very good!

They need to remaster them! I remember the dreamcast ones, but they weren't very good and import only. The Famicom had a really good one way back. It was a fighting one and had a good roster of monsters!

It's too bad that one got cancelled for us out here in the states. Looked great!

crusf1544d ago

I loved Godzilla save the earth! Jet Jauguar was such a bad ass

WeAreLegion1545d ago

Godzilla Crush Saga looks horrible.

iosgamer1544d ago

Shhh... don't say those words or King will get you

miyamoto1544d ago

I really love a Godzilla game for this generation on PS3!

CoyoteHunter1544d ago

Why the puzzle mechanics? Just give us an all out action fighting game!

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