10 Game Franchises That Need Another Installment

10 franchise I feel are deserving, or in dire need of another installment

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thorstein1601d ago

Lulz. Half Life 3 is confirmed today. The Mighty Number 9 is your Mega Man fix and , well, I agree with the others. I want a new Turok.

shadow18spirit1600d ago

dino crisis and legend of dragoon must happen , and bloody roar was a great fighting , i wish they can make another one

barb_wire1600d ago

I don't think Capcom has a clue what to do - given the franchises it does have.

Don't remember anyone asking for 'Lost Planet 3' BUT we got it.

cfc781600d ago

I'm calling it now dino crisis at E3 2014.

Darth Gamer1600d ago

Legend of Dragoon PPPLLEEAAASSSSEEEE!! Please, Please!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.