The biggest disasters on PS3 – 10 games voted for by Official PlayStation Magazine readers

OPM: A while back we asked you all a simple question: what was the worst game on PS3? The biggest disaster? The experience that most sullied Sony’s console and left a bad taste in your mouth? You voted and these are the results.

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KrisButtar1568d ago

lol, The only game on the list I played was #1 and I actually liked it. I also figured Skyrim would have been on the list because when it 1st launched it was almost unplayable.

BlackTar1871568d ago

I enjoyed Alpha Protocol. It could have been so much more but i enjoyed it.

I played most of these games except Brink.

ironfist921567d ago

I wanted to like Alpha Protocol, it had an awesome concept, and very much like the Mass Effect series, but with spies.

Unfortunately the gameplay just didnt attract me. If only they could go back and fix it.

Tex1171567d ago

Im with you.

I greatly enjoyed Alpha Protocol for the ideas it tried to present. Yes, it ultimately fell short of a complete experience, but the conversation system, story, and feel of the game was really good. That and I only paid 5 bucks for it, so I was much more forgiving. If I paid 60 bucks for that, I would have been livid.

Id love to see an Alpha Protocol 2 that had time to cook and be polished.

MysticStrummer1568d ago

"I also figured Skyrim would have been on the list because when it 1st launched it was almost unplayable."

Oddly enough I had no problem with PS3's Skyrim until they started patching it.

Go figure.

From this list, I played

Alpha Protocol (liked it, but maybe that's because I paid 8 bucks for it)

Aliens: Colonial Marines (didn't hate it, though the fake demo controversy really lowered my opinion of Gearbox)

Brink (Yeah, pretty bad. One of my biggest letdowns last gen)

I would have put Dead Island on this list. I know others didn't have the same problems because I was called a liar several times when I commented about it, but it was hands down the buggiest game I've ever played in my life.

KrisButtar1567d ago

I don't have many problems with Skyrim until after I reached above level 50 most of the time but a lot of people found it unplayable in the beginning and even returned it because of the sheer amount of them.. I think I got platinum, 2 weeks after it came out and it was also my 1st platinum. :)

I still replay Skyrim more than any other game and think it was the greatest game of last gen. That's the main reason I'm giving ESO a chance. Skyrim was a disaster from the bugs and glitches to the DLC that never seemed like it was coming.

I do see Alpha Protocol for $5 all the time and have been tempted to grab it and try it but seeing it on this list has put me off a bit.

Knushwood Butt1567d ago


The only game on the list I played was also #1.

Yeah, the single player was very disappointing, but the online co-op was quite good fun at the time.

KrisButtar1567d ago

I never played the online co-op. I played it with co-op split-screen though and we had some good laughs with some of the one liners that the one side shouted.

MysticStrummer1567d ago

I still play Skyrim also, though I started a new character, partly because my old one is stuck as a werewolf due to a glitched quest and partly just to play another race and do some of the things I didn't do before. It is a great game, but I'd put Demon's Souls and Dark Souls ahead of it for Game of the Generation. I've played all the Elder Scrolls games, and though they have evolved they're still basically the same game. Demon's Souls felt like something very new in several ways, beyond just being a new IP.

Alpha Protocol for 5 bucks is a decent risk, I'd say. There are some very cool things about the game for sure, but prepare yourself for clunky controls. It's also one of the few games I feel deserves the comment "The graphics were so outdated it looked like a PS2 game."

KrisButtar1567d ago

I have both the Souls games but I think the combat is slow and find that the grind is too long. They are good games just not for me, if I want something more combat based I play Dragons Dogma.

What race? Are you interested in ESO at all?

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rodiabloalmeida1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Almost the whole list includes multiplatform games. And they failed hard on other systems too. But Haze is an exclusive, and boy... What a POS game. Also, Lair should be on the list too.

BlackTar1871568d ago

i actually found LAIR to be good but i never tried it before the patch where they removed the Six Axis flying.

ger23961568d ago

Yea, it's not as bad as people make it out to be.

Nekroo911568d ago

The worst game for me was Dust but since it was free i cant complain

crusf1568d ago

CoD? Seriously way to vent your childish hatred for the game.

mike32UK1567d ago

Why is it childish? It's an opinion. Personally i think COD is absolute mindless trash, and besides, this was voted for by the readers so its not like the magazine has something against the game; its the gamers!

crusf1567d ago

It's childish because over ALL the other bad games on the PS3 library which are far worse than CoD a bunch of angry people voted for the latest entry in the franchise which is barely a year old. In my opinion its a childish way to express the dislike of a game.

Myst1568d ago

I remember Brink. I was really looking forward to it being good and was certainly disappointed when I got it.

MysticStrummer1568d ago

Same here. The previews and the final product had a huge disconnect somewhere.

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