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Microsoft sells Xbox Brand (April Fool)

Microsoft is to sell the Xbox brand to Nintendo, in a deal estimated to worth about $3.2 billion (Yes, this is an April Fool) (Culture, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Kalowest  +   457d ago
"Microsoft is to sell the Xbox brand to Nintendo, in a deal estimated to worth about $3.2 billion."
LMFAO.....ROFL, hahahahahaha
cleft5  +   456d ago
Not even a good April Fools joke. $3.2 Billion? Really, thats the fake amount they came up with. Microsoft spent 1 Billion during the 360 reign to deal with the Red rings of death issue and they are spending $1 Billion now to promote and get good games to the Xbox One. That right there is already $2 Billion.

Whoever thought that number was anywhere near believable need to get their facts straight. Such a sad excuse of an April Fools joke.
ritsuka666  +   457d ago
Stop this shit of April Fools.
Hellsvacancy  +   457d ago
It's not even funny anymore, kinda knew today would be full of dumb articles like this, i'm surprised I haven't seen a "leaked Shenmue 3/Half Life gameplay"
ContinuePlay  +   457d ago
Believe it or not, Yu Suzuki is actually looking at Kickstarter to fund Shenmue 3. I shit you not.
lifeisgamesok  +   457d ago
Good try but not even close to being believable and not funny either lol
NiteX  +   456d ago
Then when did you add the "lol"?
Intentions  +   457d ago
lol sure.
stuna1  +   457d ago
For someone not to know this a "April Fool" joke, they'd have to be a year round "FOOL"!
AmkOwns  +   457d ago
Won't be long before the joke actually happans
NiteX  +   456d ago
Nintendo would never be stupid enough to buy Xbox.
gapecanpie  +   456d ago
Nintendo stop being good since the Super Nintendo... Nintendo can't even get there own mess straight let alone buying the Xbox brand just to put the final nail in the coffin because that what would happen if they brought it.

Sony = Healthy

MS = Coma (Can make a full recovery)

Nintendo Wii = Life Support (Could make a recovery before this gen is up but is very unlikely)
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Kribwalker  +   456d ago

Lol sony=healthy....over 10 billion in losses from 2010-2013 can't be seen as healthy, maybe loses as a corporation, and not games div but it's all still the same company
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JBSleek  +   456d ago
That was a silly statement.

If you are getting this from two investors saying they would want Xbox sold then that is really silly. Xbox isn't being sold.
gapecanpie  +   456d ago
Maybe I should have been more specify, but I was talking about only the console systems not the company as a whole.

The 3 companies as a whole are doing pretty sh**ty!
hardcorehippiez  +   456d ago
yea, maybe they should before the value of it tanks any further
corvusmd  +   457d ago
Most ridiculous April Fools joke yet...
ContinuePlay  +   457d ago
You'd be amazed how many people have fallen for it :D
mezati99  +   456d ago
it's FU**ING APRIL 2...
HappyWithOneBubble  +   456d ago
Why can't April fools be everyday in April?

Never Mind forget I said that. It would be a nightmare if that ever happens.
WeAreLegion  +   456d ago
Oh nice. I'm in that Reddit thread.
WeAreLegion  +   456d ago
What? I never even clicked on this article? I posted this comment on another article. Why is it here?
HumanAfterAll  +   456d ago
Don't you hate when people carry over April Fools to the next day?

Like when people carry Christmas light shows over almost to the new year, or when people pop fireworks off two days after The 4th of July.

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Dlacy13g  +   456d ago
Not sure what is worse... the fact that this posted up April 2nd or the fact that there is "(April Fools)" in the title. I think its the later as it pretty much defeats the purpose of trying to do an April Fools gag if you announce it as an April Fools gag.
Dark_matter  +   456d ago
The only "Fool" is the person who posted the article
xX1NORM1Xx  +   456d ago
I only enjoy the really creative April fools the ones u can tell are fake but the video is put together really we'll like the razer one and the google maps Pokemon I caught 28 but it's not like the trailer they are just on the map Oh and how could i forget the Optimus prime titanfall that was my favourite so funny
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candy_mafia  +   456d ago
Yup, totally clever April fools joke that informs the reader it is just that in the title?

Yeh, way to go lol
ContinuePlay  +   455d ago
N4G Rules dictate that April Fools need to be labelled as such in the headline
candy_mafia  +   455d ago
Oh Okies, I wasn't aware of that...thanks!

Pretty much makes my last comment redundant lool

My bad! :)
Picnic  +   455d ago
If Nintendo ever decide to stop making major consoles and only concentrate on their handhelds , and if either Sony or Microsoft got exclusive rights to publish the games that Nintendo would have previously published on their own major console, then that would be a huge deal for either company.

It could be game over for Microsoft if Sony got the deal.
Whereas if MS got the deal Sony could still survive on its own great exclusives.

However, like Sega, it's probably likely that Nintendo would favour neither party and would give them equal rights.
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