5 games we'd love to see remade for the PS4 and Xbox One

ArabicGamers writes:

Building superior versions of games for the PS4 and Xbox One seems to be the trend right now. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition launched a few months ago as a graphically enhanced version of last year's adventure. Metro: Last Light and Metro 2033 will both be given the same treatment later this year. There're also rumours that The Last of Us will be receiving a PS4 port in the near future.

It makes sense. While the new consoles take time to build up a significant fan base, developers can rework their old games and bring them out on the new systems for a fraction of the cost of making something new. In light of this movement, we've listed five games we'd love to see on our shiny new consoles.

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kakashi811568d ago

Dmc3, ninja gaiden 3, and lost odyssey needs to be remade.

joab7771567d ago

Wow!!! Lost Odyssey. That would be amazing.

But, for me...its the Bioshock collection...all 3. And all 3 Souls games. Add in Fallout 3 and I would literally be screaming like a little girl.

Now, with Fallout 4 coming and I am fairly certain another Souls successor coming, just give me the 3 Bioshock games. Playing burial at sea reminded me of just how unbelievable those experiences were.

I am one that loves graphics and the immersion it creates. But the best time I've had since the next gen launch has been Burial at Sea and Dark Souls 2. Great games r great games...but damn they would be great on the ps4. I just love that I can use my DS4.

Tatsuya 1568d ago

The only one remade I agree here is GTA V. PS4 needs that shit. Mass Effect 3? What a joke, that game have the funniest ending in games' history. There's no word to describe all those colourful flavours of the thing they called an ending to what was supposed to be a MASTERPIECE. I spent years on building, shaping my Shepard to GREATNESS and what do I get out of all my decisions? Fukin NOTHING, thank you very much but, I don't need to relive that shit!

R1CAN6171567d ago

Yeah GTA5 definitely needs to come to PS4 of The Last of Us and I'd like to see MAG get upgraded to the PS4 Also

SolidGear31567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

Beyond: Two Souls since it already looks like a PS4 game. No game made can beat it graphically. That includes PC. Mostly talking about the amazing facial and motion capture. Then again, no game has ever been produced quite like it either. Literally like playing a live action movie half the time.

xX1NORM1Xx1567d ago

I wish we could leave the remakes for a while give people a chance to miss playing them but I agree gat needs to be on xbox one/ps4 as the said that gat online will have a 10 year plan behind it and I won't be on my 360/ps3 in 10 years no matter what they add in to the game

joab7771567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

Exactly. That is why I would love to see Bioshock 1&2, Demon and Dark Souls and Fallout 3. It would be a great start. Then, in a yr. or two bring the others that just released.

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