30 Years of Muscle: The History of Wrestling games

WWE (formally WWF) celebrates its 30th Wrestlemania in 2014, and Jill Sandwich thought what better time to look back at the glorious history of Video Game Wrestling.

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GuruStarr781448d ago

Maybe I'm a little biased since I got it on Xmas morning with my ROB NES bundle back in '86 (or maybe it was '87...damn that was a long time ago), but Pro Wrestling will always be the best wrestling game of all time in my opinion...

Funky Town_TX1448d ago

Pro Wrestling was awesome. Then again it was more the memories with childhood friends than the game.

prodg521448d ago

It was amazing all the things you could do in that game with a two button controller!

desolationstorm1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Every wrestling game made by AKI on the N64 was amazing.

World Tour
No Mercey

Each one better then the last. Four years of awesomeness.