Deception IV: Blood Ties Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

" Exploring a dungeon and getting nailed by a trap that you didn’t see is a bane of any adventurer and can often eat away at a player’s limited supply of healing items. However what if you were the one actually placing these traps down and using them on your enemies? Well a certain game series called Deception focused entirely around this concept, but it has spent over ten years in the dark with only a spin-off hitting stores in the last decade. Now, fourteen years after the last game was released, has the wait for Deception IV: Blood Ties paid off?"

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dark-kyon1485d ago

this game sure is getting mixed review,my guess is what the low scores is for being a weird niche game.

Inception1485d ago

It's not a secret though that the majority of western reviewer this days always gave unfair treatement when comes to niche game like this. Especially when those niche game came from japan and doesn't have jaw dropping graphics.

But i knew Deception series isn't for everyone. My advice: if you want to try new experience that not forced you to shoot the enemies in the head, than i'll suggest try this game.

cyhm31121485d ago

this game is much more fun than call of duty and battlefield