Amy Hennig Returns to Crystal Dynamics,New Legacy of Kain game ‘Ariel’s Fall’ Announced

This news I’m sure is going to to have a lot of people dancing in the streets. Square Enix have today announced that not only will Amy Hennig be returning to Crystal Dynamics, but that she is doing so in order to create a new Legacy of Kain game.

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Pozzle1478d ago


ger23961478d ago

Lol, I can picture you mad as hell typing your comment.

thejigisup1478d ago

Got my damn hopes up then boom april fools. Gtfo it wasn't even funny. How rude.

Cryptcuzz1478d ago

This is so cruel :(

I thought it was true!!!

Eddie201011478d ago

But it sounded like a really good concept for a new Legacy of Kain game. Oh Well.

Kurisu1478d ago

How many more April Fools articles are there left that haven't been approved until AFTER April 1st?!

thejigisup1478d ago

Hopefully this was the last of them. I'm so tired of getting my hopes up like that.

chrissx1478d ago

Why are april fools day articles still approved?

URtheWalrus1478d ago

I was happy for about a depressed.

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