Why You Should Go On An App Store Spending Frenzy Tonight

Grab It Magazine is reporting that Apple is about to increase the price of Apps in select countries.

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iosgamer1446d ago

Bad luck for those dudes.

CoyoteHunter1446d ago

Seriously? Fantastic - as an Aussie we're always getting stipped by "exchange rate" differences

iosgamer1446d ago

It's a bit rough. I thought the Aussie dollar was the one currency in the world not getting hammered at the moment. Next they will ban mature games.

sungam3d1446d ago

Take everything you read on April 1st with a grain of salt...

iosgamer1446d ago

It's not a joke, sadly.

CoyoteHunter1445d ago

Actually I did think for awhile there you might have been pulling an April Fools joke on us. Particualrly bad timing for Apple to send the email out.