David Cage Unveils Sequel to Beyond: Two Souls, Brian Blessed To Star | April Fool

"Project Doorway, as the game has been codenamed, will focus on Stan, the homeless man Jodie befriends midway through Beyond, and Zoey, Tuesday’s daughter who also possesses abilities similar to Jodie’s astral projection from the first game."

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Steven36571451d ago

Brian Blessed is a boss.

Blaze9291451d ago

why are april fools articles still being approved -_-?

Godmars2901451d ago

Aww. Everything's better with Brian Blessed.

WeAreLegion1451d ago

"The game is still far from completion, but rumours are already circulating. For example, that the special edition will come with a free blanket embroidered with the Project Doorway logo, or that Mr. Cage has secured the partnership of Brian Blessed to provide work for a role called ‘Soup Lord’."

That was kind of hilarious. Why was this posted today? The article is from yesterday.

MrNameless1451d ago

Didn't get approved for a while, submitted yesterday morning. Glad you liked it!

WeAreLegion1451d ago

Ah. Don't ya hate that? Good article though!

Acquiescence1451d ago

Cage and Blessed - watch it actually happen.

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