Square Enix Opens Teaser Website for New RPG “Light Novel-Style”

Square Enix just opened a new teaser website for a mysterious new RPG currently in development.

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styferion1573d ago

well if the news about square enix renewed focus to JRPG is to be believed, this seems hopeful.. as long as it's not mobile game that is.

vishmarx1573d ago

20 bucks says its smartphone/browser based

RPG_Lover1573d ago

Why would you believe it? They have not backed that up with actions

styferion1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

@RPG_Lover well they just said that recently after seeing Bravely Default success, what do you expect them to do in less than a month? come out with a new legendary RPG ready to be shipped?

have patience.

Pozzle1573d ago

Please don't be a smartphone game. Please don't be a smartphone game. Please don't be a smartphone game.

knifefight1573d ago

Nah it'll also be available for tablets.

metatronx1573d ago

Square Enix: " Please be excited" lol

wonderfulmonkeyman1573d ago

I hope it will come to the wii u, if its a decent action-jrpg...

chikane1573d ago

God no not X-3 please no I know this nightmare would come true. But why

Hicken1573d ago

If it covers the Machina War, I'd be all for it. That's what I wanted X-2 to be, though I'll never complain about an extra dose of Rikku.

Nerdmaster1573d ago

I would prefer to play Braska's pilgrimage.

Sevir1573d ago

Bravely Default was pretty good, so I'm interested in seeing what they come up with. And an FF X-3 for PS4 would be fantastic.

Considering their renewed focus on JRPGs I'd say they are gonna put better effort into creating quality stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.