It's games first for Xbox One under new management

Xbox One and 360 gamers could be in for a treat during this year’s Microsoft E3 conference, according to the newly-promoted Phil Spencer.

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ArbitorChief1596d ago

Oh man I am so hyped for E3 this year, Microsoft are going to have an incredible E3 and Sony have been holding back announcements, I expect an amazing show from them as well and who knows what Nintendo will announce, but Zelda U is going to be there!

Hype +9000

Septic1596d ago

Yeah I think we're all set for one of the best E3's we've had in a long long time.

""I see the conversation focusing more on the games: what new IP we are investing in, what's going on in Japan, what are we doing with Halo," Spencer said. "It's my job to make sure the best content shows up there... maybe a mix of things we're bringing back from the past, like Killer Instinct, which was very successful, as well as new IPs, like Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive and other things we haven't announced yet."

This has got me really excited. He is ticking all the right boxes here and I really hope they deliver.

Finally, after many years, we might possibly see Rare , or IP's associated with Rare, put to good use. Killer Instinct is brilliant but a new Banjo Kazooie game plus others such as Conker would be epic.

ArbitorChief1596d ago

Banjo Threeie and I think the internet might just crash and explode.

abzdine1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

i wouldn't be this much optimistic if i were you.
Banjo game? Conker game? I think you should put that out of sight cause Rare is dead, and please tell me how many have bought the Banjo game on 360 or even knew it existed?

The guy was boss of Microsoft Game Studios and other than Kinect or Fable games we haven't seen much from xbox studios.
I prefer the 360 times under Peter Molyneux, the guy brought some good stuff at that time before spencer took over and it has been quiet since (last 3 years) and 360 has been falling and crashing
now that xbox is Kinect centric you guys can still expect a wave of kinect games to justify the peripheral and Rare have also confirmed their attachement to the camera.

I feel you are getting excited for nothing cause their last e3 was 100% about games but still didn't make noise.

e3 you will see:

new forza
new playable character for KI for 25 bucks
video of halo
DLC deal for next COD
power of clawwd BS speech
all this in CG graphics..

what's the deal?

this year is maybe the only year where i'm not looking forward to e3. it's more TGS i'm looking forward to. The reason is that i'm starting to slowly lose passion for games because it's the same things over and over and only japanese JRPGs that can change that cause they're my favorite genre

nix1595d ago

first off... MS should start paying 3rd party companies to dumb down the graphics to match it with Xbox One. Actually, that's the first thing they should do to stop xbox owners move to PS4... they can't be losing gamers over the third party games.

Then they should start buying exclusives... or wherever they can throw their money at. creating a new IP is going to take time. they should do what they did with titanfall. have a first release deal.

Ron_Danger1595d ago


Pump the brakes a little. Give Spencer at least a month as the boss before you completely write him off. This is probably the best move MS could've made to help the XBox name.

The only thing I can see as being a road block for Spencer's "games come first" claim is if Elop wants to stay the course with multimedia "equality" (meaning an equal amount of games features, tv features, and any other non gaming aspects). If Elop wants more "all in one box" type features, that could throw a wrench in Spencer's plans.

Time will tell obviously and this E3 will either make or break Spencer, but at least give him a chance.

Also I'm almost 100% a Sony fanboy, but I fully appreciate what Spencer's promotion could do to shake up the industry. Hopefully this will lead to greater competition within devs and lead to greater innovation in the games we'll play in the future.

Septic1595d ago


We've heard rumours of a new Banjo game for a while, MS have said that they will be bringing back older titles so I don't see why this is so far fetched.

You say Rare is dead; maybe but Killer Instinct shows how excellent titles that they worked on can still be successfully revived.

As for your E3 predictions:

"new forza
new playable character for KI for 25 bucks
video of halo
DLC deal for next COD
power of clawwd BS speech
all this in CG graphics.. "

Why did you not mention Quantum Break or Sunset Overdrive? Or D4?

What do you think Sony will show? Btw, you may be happy with deferring your expectations for TGS but not me. All last year we heard that they would play their cards at E3, then at Gamescom, then at TGS and nothing really worth shouting about came out so I am, quite reasonably, expecting them to show their cards this E3.

"now that xbox is Kinect centric you guys can still expect a wave of kinect games to justify the peripheral and Rare have also confirmed their attachement to the camera. "

I don't think is justified at all. This is the kind of stuff people were saying last year and E3 shut them up in this regard.

My prediction? We will see one of MS' best showings yet this year. You can hold me to that bro :)

georgeenoob1595d ago


Nice wishful thinking you got there. Halo 5, Fable Legends, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, and possibly Gears 4, Crackdown 3, Forza Horizon 2, and Halo 2 anniversary along with more unannounced exclusives will make their way to E3.

DragonKnight1595d ago

If Phil Spencer can successfully make the Xbox One about games first, and Microsoft's ridiculous and stupid policies take a back seat, then the Xbox One will be on a great track and I may have to change my opinion on the Xbox brand.

BUT, my opinion about Microsoft would require A LOT more work on their part to be changed and even though Spencer seems genuinely interested on promoting the games aspect of the Xbox One, he does have superiors and shareholders to report to so I personally won't hold my breath.

In any case, at the moment only the biggest of fanboys will not acknowledge that this is a good thing for Xbox and finally a smart move by Microsoft in a long time.

Get rid of Kinect Phil. You know it's a good move.

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jessupj1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

I genuinely think it's great that Mr. Spencer is in charge of the xbox division now and I see only good things coming from this move.

This does, however, highlight the obvious huge flaws in MS's strategy. Phil is basically admitting the xbone is not about games first. So for all the people saying the xbone focuses on games, here is Phil, an integral, high ranking member of the xbox team admitting it doesn't.

The fact that MS originally thought that a strategy of putting games at a clear second behind kinect and tv to release a games console, let me say that again, GAMES console, is truly eye opening. It really shows just how utterly out of touch the executive suites are and their complete lack of passion for the industry.

Fortunately with Phil at the helm I see that slowly, but surely changing.

rela82me1594d ago

Here is why I believe you went wrong.

"The fact that MS originally thought that a strategy of putting games at a clear second behind kinect and tv to release a games console, let me say that again, GAMES console, is truly eye opening. It really shows just how utterly out of touch the executive suites are and their complete lack of passion for the industry."

You think that games took a clear second, what I believe there problem was nothing took a clear first, everything was equal as comments said above. They emphasized equal importance to all types of media for their device and not JUST games like the Playstation does. Whether that is right or wrong who knows? However if you are going to have the weaker console, wouldn't you want some niche that makes you stick out?

Hopefully with this new traction MS is gaining they will lead the brand in the right direction and the hate will begin to die down (as much as the internet will allow).

Summons751595d ago

Good make a model of the XBO that removes the unnecessary Kinect and unnecessary cable box focus and put the money you were throwing away for those into hardware that can actually handle 1080. Then maybe your sales would go up by giving gamers what they want not what you think they want.

Also learn there are more genres than shooters.

OpieWinston1595d ago

I wouldn't count on them removing Kinect because it's part of them pushing it as creating awesome experiences (Mainly by First/Second Party studios)

I'm pretty sure you'll be seeing more first part/second party studios actually getting 1080p out of the games because they're able to have the time to fully utilize the Tile resourcing to stream plenty of RAM out of 32 MB of eSRAM.

You're talking about Phil Spencer here, he realizes that Shooters like Halo and Gears are a reason why the Xbox brand has been a success. BUT he also realizes that bringing old games and different genres is good. He's the one who brought some pretty damn good JRPG devs to the table. Thanks to him KI3 was brought back from the dead and is now the only fighting game to be on current gen consoles and is actually a success. I'd be willing to bet we see more Rare IPs brought back from the dead.

They're playing with more Living breathing world games. Some are shooters like Class4 (Zombie MMO) and Sunset Overdrive....But others are fantasy RPGs like Fable Legends.

So far I've seen a lot more variety in terms of genres from Xbox 1...And a lot of that is thanks to Phil Spencer.

InTheLab1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

First thing he should do at E3 is get up on stage and apologize for what they tried to do last year.

Would certainly win me over and I'm sure others as well. While he is saying all the right things, a little humility is well past due. Sony did. Nintendo is doing it. It's time for MS to show some respect.

OpieWinston1595d ago

Phil Spencer has apologized for the forceful behavior of Don Mattrick multiple times on Twitter. And even admitted that they were being a bit too forceful with the plan.

marlinfan101595d ago

that still wouldnt be enough for the rabid fanboys. he should just move on and focus on games (which he's done)

kreate1595d ago

he should apologize at e3, not on twitter.

DragonKnight1595d ago

A Twitter apology isn't really good enough. I mean, look at what Sony did with the PSN hack. Kaz Hirai himself, along with 2 other Sony execs (I can't remember who) got on stage, apologized, and then bowed their heads. And anyone who knows anything about Japanese culture knows what the bowing of the head is all about. They took personal responsibility for it, even though it wasn't their fault.

That said, I believe that the time for that kind of apology has long passed. It's to the point where you can still remain wary of what Microsoft tried to do so that you aren't suddenly a victim of it in the future, but other than remaining vigilant the situation should be dropped.

Just like Sony did what they could to fix the hack problem and ensure it doesn't happen again, Microsoft did what they could to reverse their draconian DRM schemes and make the Xbox One more consumer friendly... at least for now.

OpieWinston1595d ago

If you think Phil Spencer should apologize at E3 or in a video...Who knows he might include it at the end of E3. As long as you're not expecting him to shell out time to apologize to people for a mistake HE DIDN'T MAKE. He's been doing a kick ass job at getting games on X1 and will continue to do so. The more he brings up the past the worse the image of X1 gets. It's better to just move on.

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Team_Litt1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Meh why waste time trying to win over PS fans? Phil should just keep doing what he's been doing, focusing on games.

InTheLab1595d ago

It's more than just PS fans. How about previous 360 gamers that went to PS4.

People on this site have no idea what real people think about gaming. It's always about fanboys and never about actual adult consumers....

Gunstar751595d ago

A short, concise and appreciated post. Bubble up!?

lonewolfjedi1595d ago

should have been like this from the start

desertpunk861595d ago

mechassault 3 wolf pack

crimson skies 2

jade empire 2

halo wars 2

halo 5

gears of war 4

forza horizon 2

perfect dark

banjo 3

conkers bad fur day 2

ooooooo might gooood i can dream until e3!

Elit3Nick1595d ago

Now this guy gets it, I'll cry if I actually see mechassault 3 announced

JCOLE131951595d ago

Jade Empire 2 would be fantastic..,

Gunstar751595d ago

I Want Halo Wars 2 more than anything. I loved that game.

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