Ex-Naughty Dog Dev Talks About Next Gen Facial Animation, Explains Drake's 'Powdered Doughnut' Issue

"Programmer John Hable recently held a rather interesting GDC talk centered around next-gen facial animation with a particular focus on the Uncharted franchise."

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thereapersson1516d ago

"However, even for the PS4, handling tessellation can be difficult. In most multiplatform games for the PS4, Xbox One and PC, it’s often the PC that’s able to make the best use of tessellation using DirectX 11.2. If Uncharted 4 does feature some kind of tessellation, it will likely be used in such a way as to not heavily impact performance."

They are assuming that because of multiplatform games, that the PS4 can't really handle tessellation. Yet when they mention a PS3 exclusive, they prove it's possible on the PS3 and thus must certainly be possible on the PS4 with that extra "grunt". We'll see if any upcoming exclusive games feature tessellation.

dontbhatin1516d ago

Funny thing is Ive seen tessellation on killzone shadow fall, as well as thief on the ps4. And the funny thing about that is, tessellation in thief didn't exist with the XBO version. So idk what they are trying to explain.

Rocky51516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

XBO Theif has tessellation, it doesn't have POM, but it did have 16x anisotropic filtering instead.
PS4 version had POM but used trilinear filtering oO

I could be wrong with the no POM on XBO, but if it is in the game it's not used in the same areas as the PS4.

dantesparda1516d ago

Actually the reason the PS4 (and the X1 for that matter) isnt that good at tessellation is that AMD GPUs in general are not nearly as good as NV GPUs at doing tessellation. So yes, it can do it, but at a much lower performance level than NV GPUs.

And to Rocky, no the X1 ver. of Thief did not use POM

JP13691516d ago

Rocky, you act as if it was a trade-off between AF and POM. AF is a trivial feature, as far as power usage is concerned. We're talking less than a 1% impact on performance, which is why its omission is so strange. POM, on the other hand...

Blaze9291516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

"They are assuming that 'because of multiplatform games', that the PS4 can't really handle tessellation. "


"However, even for the PS4, handling tessellation can be difficult.

They are 'saying' that even for the PS4, handling tessellation can be difficult. Multiplatform games have nothing to do with that statement.

ShinMaster1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Really? They did mention multiplatform games.

""In most multiplatform games for the PS4, Xbox One and PC, it’s often the PC that’s able to make the best use of tessellation""

Did you miss that?
Besides, there have been a few games that have made use of tessellation already. Otherwise they would have said ALL instead of most. Also, this excludes games that are being developed exclusively for PS4. So... there's that. While it may be more difficult for third parties to use it, PS4 is still very capable of using it, even if you wish it wasn't.

nukeitall1515d ago


The dev however says nothing of being multiplatform being the hindering reason why tesselation is an issue on PS4. In fact, he was on a "exclusive" first party team AT SONY. Duh!

PC has always and will always be the most powerful system so it is nothing like what "persson" above is trying to portray.

hay1516d ago

PC makes the best use of tesselation with DX11 because it's freaking easy to implement with this library. Making it in OpenGL requires some skills and knowledge, that's why PS4 is more difficult to handle it. XBO should receive it with upcoming DX update if does not have it already.

Kleptic1516d ago

uh...and how well does a 7770, especially one with low speed memory, run tesselation on PC with DX11?...not that great, and not very often...

neither console has a broad shouldered gpu ready for anything and everything to be thrown at it...MS's magic marketing of a 'new' DirectX version...for a single hardware configuration (a video game console) not going to change that...

hay1516d ago

True, haven't considered that factor. I always had problems with performance while utilizing tesselation on Radeons, but then again, never managed to work on something higher end.

Silly me for taking only software into consideration.

VforVideogames1515d ago

They need lessons from the creators of RYSE son of rome CRYTEK

cannon88001515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

No they don't. They'll be just fine.

christrules00411515d ago

The big issue with Ryse was when you got it everything was unlocked. Once you saw everything it became the same thing over and over. It's so much better when you get the game and you know a little about it and they keep surprising you throughout the game.

Even Sucker Punch gave out all the secrets and there wasn't anything new to discover when Infamous 2 came out. But in Infamous Second Son they kept giving me new power to play with or different abilities. Keeps the game a lot funner always being like ok what is the next surprise.

Not saying Ryse can't be fun but it definately does make it repetitive.

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sashimi1516d ago

I like powdered doughnuts :)

SniperControl1516d ago

If ND utilise and further develop whatever techniques Sucker Punch used for Infamous:Second Son we will looking at one hell of an graphical power house that will be Uncharted 4.

Sony's ICE team working with both is a god send for us gamers.

mike32UK1516d ago

Not to mention Uncharted 4 will highly likely (I hope!) still be a linear format. I'd much prefer a linear experience in the uncharted universe than an open world affair

Baka-akaB1516d ago

I'm ok either way . If they want they can use semi open hubs a la Batman allowing heavy storytelling , or could even go the Infamous/AC4 open world with story way .

The main issue would be filling gaps in story with interesting stuff to do , in an uncharted universe

SCW19821516d ago

I think if they went the tomb raider approach of open areas that are explicable but contained that would be perfect.

christrules00411515d ago

Imagine a linear format with different ways you can go during the scripted sequences. Instead of you have to climb this way it gives some options. I totally agree with the guy who says that if they do it like Tomb Raider it would be perfect.

Sketchy_Galore1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

We all already know Drake's powdered doughnut issue, he needs to cut down on them if he wants to keep quietly sneaking into museums with snarky Englishmen.

Gekko361516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

"Snarky Englishmen", is that like "Docile American Gents"?

At least in Great Britain, they can hold hands and skip through the public areas of a museum with gay abandon (gay as in happy, not as in homosexual, well... probably both ) LMAO

OT: I love threads on software development, most posters on here (I said most, not all) pretend they have a clue what they are talking about by copying and pasting clever sh!t from the internet. I'd say N4G is 97% male membership based on that!.

Anything that'll give games a dramatic edge gets my vote. Naughty Dog know their onions, so like all the tin hat wearing guys among us, I can only wait with bated breath.

lmlim1516d ago

the only thing lacking is the eye balls movement, it still looks animated, not in sync with the real movement.

may it's still impossible to capture eye balls movement?

CrossingEden1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Actually we've been capturing eye ball movement since Crysis. Naughty Dog still for some reason uses keyframing to animate their faces instead of motion capture data. It's relatively outdated and it's starting to show, sometimes the faces in the last of us didn't sync up at all to what was being said on screen. Names
"I shot the hell out of that guy huh?'
Infamous Second Son is a perfect example of what FULL performance capture can do to benefit a game.

turgore1515d ago

You criticized a ps3 game and the sheeple are hitting you with disagrees.

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