The PS4′s Streaming Service is About as Family Friendly as The Wire

Guys pass around drugs, Japanese preteens get sexually harassed, and a group film themselves in a back and forth of sexual harassment and swearing.

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BitbyDeath1568d ago

Playroom is awesome like that.

Septic1567d ago

Yeah same. Minus obviously the sordid child abuse stuff.

People just chilling whilst streaming, rolling a should come with an age warning but I kinda like it more open like that. It makes it more interesting imo.

Axonometri1567d ago

...and everyone gives Nintendo a hard time for the lack of social and online connectivity.

XtraTrstrL1567d ago

I agree, there's a few idiots on there that will do dumb stuff, you can't escape that. Other than that, it's just people chillin'. When I'm bored, and don't feel like playing any particular game, I sometimes just scroll through the Playstation Live streams.

I can't wait until they update it so it's easier to find a friend's stream by just going to them on friend's list and selecting their stream if it's running. Currently, it's not that easy, I've had to go to the PC to find my nephew's stream, the search wouldn't find it on PS4.I assume there's tons of stuff like this that's still to come though, like Twitch streams going from 540p to 720p.

That is gonna be sweet, if they can just bring down the delay of streams now. I think it's around a 20-25 second delay currently between your actual gameplay and the stream. If they can bring that down to <5 eventually, then viewers comments would stay in sync with the action better. As long as it's a constant work in progress though, it should keep getting better quickly.

nukeitall1567d ago

Sony needs to moderate their content and it is quite appaulling that they allow this stuff on the front page.

MS has Xbox Live Enforcement team that keeps people in check. They are reachable and have been active for a long long time. This is one of the things that made Xbox Live so awesome.

Now that Sony is taking a fee to play online, they need to step up their game and stop their services from being constantly bombarded with sexually crazed vermins. The similar issues plagued Playstation Home.

WitWolfy1568d ago

Playroom = When people get to do their own vlogs

Bathyj1567d ago

Its not the service thats bad. Its people.

soljah1567d ago

welcome to the web in the 21st century.

Wolfgang1871567d ago

Sexually charged comments... on THE INTERWEBS!? WHAT!? Why on earth would a live stream on the internet be family friendly?

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The story is too old to be commented.