Another Valve Developer Heads to Oculus VR

VRFocus - Another member of the Valve team has left the company to join Oculus Rift makers Oculus VR. The company’s Aaron Nicholls has followed in the footsteps of Atman Binstock and, more recently, Michael Abrash in heading to the virtual reality (VR) specialists, which was recently announced for acquisition by social network Facebook for $2 billion USD. Nicholls will be joining Abrash at the R&D team in Bellevue.

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Silly Mammo1573d ago

OMG!!! What's happening over at Valve?!?! Everyone is leaving. Something sinister must be up or the company really is in trouble. /s

Summons751573d ago

Half Life 3 was delayed........AGAIN 0_o

In all seriousness, it's probably about the money. With 2bill I'm guessing some salaries went up and he was offered a salary better than his current. Too bad his work will be meaningless making Facebook games in VR.

Pandamobile1573d ago

Man, do you actually think that Facebook bought Oculus to force them into making FarmVille VR?

Clover9041573d ago

Do you have any proof of Oculus only working on porting old Facebook games to VR? No, just articles from people at Oculus and game developers giving many examples of how VR is going to benefit from Facebook. Hmm, though so... I'm getting sick of all this trolling. Bubbles down.

Summons751573d ago

@Pandamobile & Clover

Disagree all you want, you're only denying the truth. Sure Farmville VR edition is an exaggeration but Facebook said on the acquisition day that they have no real interest in virtual reality or gaming and they will keep that it's focus for 'a while' meaning it will change to the crap that is facebook. Ads everywhere, messy ui, and poking for everything related to your life.

From the sound of their press release they have zero interest in what the rift can actually do. A lot of devs jumped ship and refuse to support it (and I'm not just talking about that idiot Notch, he just sounded paranoid with his reason why he doesn't like facebook).

N4GDgAPc1573d ago


If you really think they spent $2billion because they have no interest on what rift does is pretty much dumb in the head. You don't spend $2billion on something u don't really care for.

All these facebook haters only see facebook and assume the worst on everything. I don't know what facebook plans are with them buying out different companies but sorry that's a lot of money for them to make OR even better than what it was.

Question is lets have OR stay indie and release a product that is just finished or hopefully facebook pulls all resources to make OR how they envisioned the finished product.

aliengmr1573d ago


We'll see, though there is no facts to back up your speculation.

And a list of the developers that were seriously developing software for the OR and have since cancelled a planned release in some stage of development would be nice.

Seriously, I haven't seen any other announcements aside from Notch.

Notch doesn't count as he had only briefly discussed doing a throw away version of Minecraft.

I don't know if rehashed bad/outdated information is your way at "expressing" rage or something, but really its getting kind of stupid at this point.

Nobody wants a "FaceRift". That much was made very clear minutes after the announcement. Michael Abrash wrote an excellent piece on this whole thing. Could FB ruin it? Of course they "could". But giving the state of reality, doing so makes no sense at all.

Just not sure who you are trying to convince. You argument has no factual basis. Unless you want to detail this mass exodus from the Rift.

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curtis921573d ago

Jumping off a sinking ship?


SteamPowered1573d ago

You bastard. I was ready to temper-tirade until I saw your /s

aerisbueller1573d ago

It's just that Valve decided to keep the HMD to just R&D. All these people that worked on it fell in love with VR, and they want to keep working on it.

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WeAreLegion1573d ago

I would never leave a company like Valve. Gaben is just too good to his employees.

aliengmr1573d ago

Valve stopped working on its own VR HMD so if that's what you wanted to be involved with then you go elsewhere.

WeAreLegion1573d ago

N4G won't let us delete comments, but I'd delete mine if I could. :/

Bonerboy1573d ago

Oh my god I can't take it anymore! I really can't. Please hurry up and release some damn hmd's.

InTheLab1573d ago

They probably want to make games? Remember when Valve made games?