Valve allows resale of games on Steam in Europe

In an unexpected move Valve started to allow reselling of Steam games in Europa starting today. The system is working like the Steam trading cards and Valve gets a small provision.

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ATi_Elite1597d ago

that's cool but what about re-saling HATS?

We wanna re-sale HATS because that's where the money is at.

Septic1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

My little bro spent over £100 on hats at one point. I absolutely kicked the s*** out of him at the time. I still feel bad about it to this day but yeah, he was using money he wasn't supposed to on the sly...on hats.

Better than spending it on drugs I guess...

No isn't better.

I still don't get the hats thing. Its a FPS cant even see yourself wearing it. Anyway...hats are a sore topic in our family now.

I'm gonna go give my bro a hug.

Oh and On-topic: Err yeah! Resale of games is great! Europe. Woohoo (I know you're watching me cgoodno ¬¬ )

Steam is the future and the future is Steam.

Patrick_pk441597d ago

Cosmetics in video games have to be seen to be justified. If I can't see what I bought there is no point of the purchase. I don't care what others think about what I wear, I care what I have on my character.

OT: How much do you receive from the initial price when reselling the game?

1597d ago
lets_go_gunners1597d ago

0.0 I have games I wanna sell.

1nsomniac1597d ago

Unexpected move??

Isn't this due to them being forced due to the deadline of the new European digital sales laws coming into place?

porkChop1597d ago

Yeah Valve didn't have a choice in this. If it was up to Valve this would never have happened.

hkgamer1597d ago

So is this selling back to valve or selling to other users?

aliengmr1597d ago

Sounds like the trading card system, so other users.

Not a bad idea if I'm honest.

hkgamer1597d ago

so in a sense, Valve is going to lose out bigtime on direct sales.

I'm pretty sure most people would be buying off others since it would be cheaper and its digital so no wear and tear.

Side note:

I've mentioned this quite a few times that I always wanted Sony to allow gamers to resell their game back to Sony PSN store (obviously for a fraction of the current market price).

aliengmr1597d ago

Valve gets a cut, according to the article.

Though my BS sense is pretty sensitive on 4/1 so actual confirmations would help.

Gh05t1597d ago

Since its April 1st im having a hard time reading anything and not calling BS especially something as awesome as this.

That being said if this is legitimate I am really jealous.

Valve wouldn't be losing anything it would just take longer to get. Since there is no way to convert steam wallet to real cash any money and all money would still be left inside steam and this way steam would be making money on every resale so on one game they could make multitudes of money. This also follows the concept that just because someone buys a used game does not in any way mean they would buy it new (Meaning selling a used game is not 'always' taking money away from a new sale).

In the long run it could work out really well, not to mention many (not all but a lot of) people wait for huge 60% or more sales anyways which could be the same cut as a used sale and it would be made more times over than if they waited for a sale on the game.

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