Sony Announces Final Fantasy XIV Custom PS4 Bundle; It's Real, Despite Hilarious April Fools Prank

After announcing the release of a custom hard drive cover for the PS4 dedicated to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia actually announced a full-fledged PS4 bundle with the game and said custom cover.

And if you're wondering, this is not an April Fool, as Sony Japan did something a lot more grandiose for that.

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DarkHeroZX1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

If you guys want your own custom HDD cover just check out the link in my video. You can make your own non official cover to your specification.

showtimefolks1446d ago

this isn't gaming related but these are some very nice covers for ps4 and the controller for only $45

came across this site few days back it was posted on ign

GhostTurtle1445d ago

Looks pretty cool. If only I didn't suck at putting skins on..../cry



Make it two of us. I can't even get the Vita screen guard without a ton of bubbles, imagine a whole PS4 cover...

showtimefolks1445d ago

guys i am the same way lol make it 3

TBONEJF1445d ago


MasterCornholio1446d ago

I wish you could buy those covers in Europe.

abzdine1446d ago

someone needs to start making non official covers for PS4.

PirosThe4th1446d ago

I would so buy those.
I've seem the Ground Zeroes cover legit one going for 400 bucks on ebay. It's crazy

Abriael1446d ago

More than that, Sony needs to make more official ones and sell them in the west.

abzdine1446d ago

that will never happen and that's why i want some non official ones.
Blue and Red DS4 i'm still waiting for a red or blue PS4 or those Vita in different colors.

I still have the FF7 PSP edition and i'm taking good care of it :)

WitWolfy1446d ago

Just get someone with a vinyl printer give him the dimensions and artwork. BOOM! Custom PS4 cover. Thats what I did.

WitWolfy1445d ago


Just Google hi res .Jpgs of whatever your into now, Preferably bigger than 500KBs and your set.

xX1NORM1Xx1446d ago

That's cool I'm glad they are doing these I loved the xbox 360 limited editions and the limited edition ps3s were always japan only I would have loved to buy an infamous ps4 I have a felling they will make them outside of japan maybe not this one but when uncharted comes out imagine a ps4 made to look like an old chest or something I'd buy it but I'm a sucker for limited edition XD

candy_mafia1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

I would love different color HDD covers. It was a cool feature on early Xbox 360's. It would compliment the already well designed PS4.

I want tons of Anime & Lightening Returns FF13-2 covers or Hello Kitty.

I already have a Red colored DS4, heeey Sony!..are you listening??? Lulz

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