Watch_Dogs' Frame Rate on PS4 "Very Stable;" Looks Very Good on PS3/Xbox 360; More Info on Gameplay

Watch_Dogs Design Director Jonathan Morin Proved to be a veritable gold mine of information about the game lately, and today he sat at his Twitter account to provide fans with more details about what you can expect from the game.

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GarrusVakarian1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

I'm not surprised tbh, AC4 on PS4 was a rock solid 30fps. I expect the same for WD.

It has a cockpit view also? Nice!

BX811597d ago

I wish these guys would also ask what the hell is going on with the xb1 version. I don't plan on picking up this game but from all the articles I've read, no one has tackled that issue head on yet. Gamers are gonna want to know before they put money down.

MasterCornholio1597d ago

Here's the answer, they are having issues with it. Otherwise they would have just said that both versions are running great.

ThePope1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

@Master. Not necessarily true. Sony has an exclusive deal with Ubisoft, and as such may have made it a clause that they can only talk about the PS4 version till a certain date.

This wouldn't be surprising as Blizzard has been quite hush about the X1 version of Diablo 3 till a few days ago, and yet cant confirm the existence of the game, even though it obviously exists.

cell9891597d ago

mmmmm Im going to go with MCornholio's response over Pope's

MetaReapre1597d ago

That's ludicrous.

If anything it just means it's not quite where they want it to be yet. They may have just slight issues and may not want the public to be concerned about it. As we all know if they came out and said there were a few minor issues they need to smooth out or anything the Internet would be in uproar...

Syntax-Error1597d ago

If you dont plan on picking it up then why the hell are you in this thread? Not only trolling in the thread, but making a damn negative comment about in it as well. Just GTFOH

BX811597d ago

@ syntax
I'm here because I like to see what's going on with different devs. If they do good on a game or bad I like to know for future purchases. Also I did not say anything negative about the game our the journalist. I simply asked for them to do a better job covering the xb1 version since so little is known about it. Also if I see something I like for the ps4 version I might want to pick it up. I don't see how my comment was attacking or trolling in ur words.

Not-A-Cat1597d ago

Maybe the Xb1 version is currently running for them at a lower framerate or resolution and they don't want any negative press with this new ip.

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windblowsagain1597d ago

A cockpit view for open an open world game is awesome.

Just wish NFS would have them detailed up. Rivals would be even more awesome.

candy_mafia1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Yup I agree...

Me myself, I'm so used to it, I won't play racing/driving games without a cockpit view.

I know I'm missing out on good games, but I hate viewing the road in 3rd person. I don't really like hood/bonnet views either, although GTA V gets a pass.

But that's just me though ;)

Dynasty20211597d ago

So much for 1080p60 on consoles then.

Why is 30 suddenly seen as "okay" or "preferred"?

Oh because you realized the consoles CAN'T either do or maintain 60 FPS, proven by almost every game out so far, with maybe 1 or 2 exceptions that aren't even that visually taxing. Gotcha.

GarrusVakarian1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Suddenly? Ive been playing games at sub 30fps on Xbox 360 and PS3 for years, to actually have solid 30fps or above is great.

Take your PC elitist chest beating elsewhere. I won the X1 and the PS4, if i wanted a solid 60fps i could have just bought a PC instead.

Thanks the maker people like you only have one bubble, lol.

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candy_mafia1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Although I'm totally pumped for Watchdogs...

I gotta say..their PR totally sucks!

Every statement smells apologetic, like they apologizing in advance. I don't like it ;/

Palitera1597d ago

Not to mention hiding the actual game...

truefan11597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

I understand the question was asked for ps4, but these new advertising and exclusive content deals are going to the extreme. XB1 went from having a more dynamic environment, "developers words", to no mention of the XB1 version for months. The gen is already shaping up to be the battle for 3rd party and multiplat games. MSFT better make sure they put a clamp on The Division advertising since XB1 has exclusive content. All in all I'll still be getting Watch Dogs even though i feel uniformed.

@MasterCornholio you are missing the point, I am simply pointing out a statement said by the developer. I do not know if the exclusive content/advertising was signed before of after the developer's statement about the more dynamic environment. I am not disputing the superior version, I am simply pointing out they talked about the XB1 version on their own, but for the last few months, nothing. It makes sense from a Sony marketing point of view to make sure all advertising is for ps4.

MasterCornholio1597d ago

"%XB1 went from having a more dynamic environment, "developers words", "

The developers pretty much already confirmed that the PS4 version will be better than the Xbox One version. So any hope that you had for a more "dynamic excrement" just went down the toilet.

CapellPro851597d ago

The PS4 is being shown more due to the deal with Sony. Makes sense.

Mr. Morin and a few others have said they are still tweaking the resolution on both PS4 and XBone. So the resolution ain't finalised yet.

I'm hoping we will see footage from XBone soon to put everyone's mind at rest.

No matter what this game looks epic

Koneesha1597d ago

I believe that "the more dynamic environment" was in regards to the comparison between current gen, and next gen if I recall the article correctly. The dev just happened to name drop the One while doing it.

scott1821597d ago


"It makes sense from a Sony marketing point of view to make sure all advertising is for ps4."

How would Sony have any control whatsoever about what these devs discussed? If they want to talk about a platform they will...

SCW19821597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

I believe the dynamic environment comment was In regards to the ps3 360 versions.

DigitalRaptor1597d ago

Just so you're aware, and don't make the same mistake next time, the "developers words" were in relation to the comparison between current-gen and next-gen versions of Watch_Dogs.

Re: exclusive content deals - I think most of Microsoft's budget for exclusive content went on the deal to secure the first Titanfall from appearing on PlayStation, and other early timed-exclusivity deals like PvZ: Garden Warfare.

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Salooh1597d ago

Whatever , i'm buying it day one because the game will be at least a good one. But i kind of hoped for something special. The graphics really made it exciting , really sad that we won't get that kind of graphics in the beginning . I'm sure we will for the sequel..

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