Here’s yet another gorgeous vehicle from The Crew

Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections continue their intermittent barrage of media from The Crew, with another screenshot showcasing a beautiful piece of fast-moving drool-inducing machinery.

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Si-Fly1512d ago

Fail for including a 987 rather than a 981.

SheenuTheLegend1512d ago

the gameplay sucks hard,
they seriously need to do something....

Hicken1512d ago

What gameplay?

Trolling too hard, man.

urwifeminder1512d ago

Looking good for a $5 steam sale at the end of the year or one day.

USMC_POLICE1512d ago

Knock it off the games not even out yet. And how would you know gameplay sucks? Have you played it or just seen videos...This is why gaming today is so generic anything new and people bash it

Salooh1511d ago

I don't see why there is hype for this game. The only good thing about it is that it have many customizations. But the graphics looks normal and the gameplay is soooooooooooooo slow and boring.

I hope you people don't get disappointed. If you didn't then that's great but i'm not buying something doesn't look good to me.

webeblazing1511d ago

i dont see anyone hyping the game. now if it was the same and exclusive the hype would be through the roof for no reason.

Hicken1511d ago

You mean like with Forza?

webeblazing1511d ago

yep people hype exclusives and downplay multiplats that dont make their console of choice look like its out classing everything else.

forza??? whats that a soda?

abstractel1511d ago

Game looks like tonnes of fun and I feel it's going to review well. The graphics are quite good, not the best to be seen on next-gen platforms, but the variety of gameplay and scenery looks to be really awesome. Don't get the negative comments personally.

gtxgamer21512d ago

Looks like an iPhone game..?

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