Japan’s smartphone games market now worth $5.4 billion, half of total gaming industry

According to a new report, Japan’s domestic smartphone gaming market was worth JPY 546.8 billion (US$5.4 billion) in 2013, up a staggering 178 percent from 2012.

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Snookies121515d ago

Ugh... That's all I have to say about this.

US8F1515d ago

Lol, yea the microtransactions in all their games are profitable. It is scary because seeing these stats, almost everyone would follow through in the mobile market. Pay to win future, here we come

abzdine1515d ago

i am starting to understand why japanese gaming industry went into hibernation all of a sudden.
it all started with Wii and initiating the gamers into the casual market. since 2006 all the jap developers converted into making stupid casual games almost exclusively.

Baccra171515d ago


It actually happened a lot earlier, just before last gen started and we still had PS2 around. They went this route because they want a lot of money without having to put much into it. This may be working well now but I have to wonder wht they'll do when the music stops.

Kraftwerk1515d ago

Write anything about Japan and its guaranteed you'll get hits.

PoSTedUP1515d ago

ewwewweww. i hate everybody right now... -_-

knifefight1515d ago

Looks like it's only going to get worse:

Dark times.

Bathyj1515d ago

God no wonder they barely like consoles anymore.

I need a shower.

ltachiUchiha1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

This market is huge because its much easier & cheaper for smaller budget devs to create games & be a success to a mass audience. This audience are not even gamers. In my whole life of gaming, not once in my life have I ever thought to myself, "Why Is Der A Need For Consoles When We Can Play Games On Our Phone?" Its great that small devs can benefit from this but for me, i'll pass. Consoles for life.

Edit: Those girls are prolly getting a strip tease & is why they are happy lol jokes.

GameSpawn1515d ago

More so because Japan has become a very mobile culture. Many Japanese gamers game on the go. Most of their day is spent on some sort of public transport, so mobile games in the form of the DS, 3DS, Vita, and cell phones (some of which put non-Japanese cell phones to shame) do extremely well.

plmkoh1515d ago

I don't think it's because of they are cheaper to produce. All the most popular titles have the backing of publishers that are common names in even console markets. It's more a case the people are fine paying for micro-transactions and it fits their life-style playing them. Payments systems are made even more convenient when they partner with cellular providers to charge it all on the phone bill later.

Agent_hitman1515d ago

Wow, japan should also support PSVITA all the way. And release more RPGs and action games to revive the 50/50 handheld

MajorGecko1515d ago

I feel japan supports the vita way to much, I would love to see more shooters like killzone mercenarys and unit 13 but its flooded with JRPG.

Kalowest1515d ago

The JRPGs are what make the PSVITA great! Its what me and ALOT of ppl I know bought it for. Personally, I'm happy the Vita doesn't have alot of shooters.

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