Top Alternatives to Oculus Rift

Boycotting the now Facebook-owned Oculus Rift? Here are five alternative virtual reality headsets to fill your VR needs.

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URNightmare1602d ago

Looks like VR really is the next big thing. So far, console wise, Project Morpheus is the best. I can't wait to experience this new tech in gaming.

Fireseed1602d ago

Kinda hard to be "the best" when the few details we know about any of them are EXTREMELY likely to change by launch...

Bonerboy1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

Looks neat. I cant stop thinking about HMD's in general and all the cool possibilities.

Rivitur1602d ago

Direct input into the retina back when I heard that I immediately thought well there goes that persons eyesight now it's starting to sound a little better in theory.

overlord231602d ago

I just can't see this catching on in the near future how much will this thing cost anyway your average family which makes up allot of the market will not be able to afford it if they can buy a console for half the price.
Two billion he paid for this how it catches on allot better than 3D has.

overlord231602d ago

I suffer from migraines so that's me out for a start.

The Meerkat1602d ago

You could always grab some high tech weaponry and just pop down to your local secret black ops base and shoot all the cyborgs and mutants that live there, in real life.

So much easier than strapping two LCD TVs to your face.

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