Microsoft makes one final Xbox One backflip

MMGN writes: How did Microsoft stray so far off the mark with the Xbox brand that it now needs to reeducate people that it’s about gaming?

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Sitdown1574d ago

So Microsoft jumped in the air, did a 360 rotation and landed right back in the same place? Anyhoo...with that said, definitely don't agree with most of the stuff in the article. I think Microsoft has retained its xbox brand, and if you followed Microsoft, you know part of the reason for them getting into the console gaming market was to try and get a piece of the leaving room space as they saw the potential decline in PCs. Spencer is just reaffirming the mission...which the manner of reaching it appears different than his predecessors.

TheXgamerLive1573d ago

So many sites try to sensationalize anything even positive news. A cat was saved from a burning building. No, its the cats fault it didnt stop the fire and it only has 4 legs so its to slow to react quickly and doesnt have a thumb so it cant turn water on etc.....

DOMination-1573d ago

MS: Xbox is all about the games

Well I guess it is April 1st

Bigpappy1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

Corny. Had to take a shot at Phil asap.

prologic1574d ago

Who comes up with this freaking kind of bs. Get freaking life!

DoubleM701573d ago

Yes..during those times he didn't run Xbox. N4G already taken their pot shots. Sad day it is when your looking for negativity. It just let you know this goes beyond some kind fanboyism. It's outright hate don't know why?

ArbitorChief1574d ago

Spencer has admitted himself that the Xbox 360 had a massive drought of games in it's last years and strayed away from gaming and I think Spencer is trying to tell us that Xbox is going back to it's original vision of the 360/OG Xbox days and keeping the focus on games and gamers. But either way, it's great news for gamers and the industry. This generation just got that much better.

christocolus1574d ago

You are right. The guy has actually been very straightforward and honest with the issues and mistakes of the past..something he is definitly going to correct going forward.

I went back to read his interview with gamespot and i feel really impressed and hopeful for the future of the xbox division.

Why o why1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

This is why I've appreciated ms putting him at the helm. He's pretty much admitted what the most ardent didn't/couldn't..... They fell off. Kinect changed their output too much in my opinion. Them casuals aren't your core. Your core are the ones who wait in queues and fight for you on n4g....;) He is slyly addressing the 'tv tv' mixed messages. Ok so he can't retrospectively alter the hardware but he can alter their direction with help and backing from the decision makers

This guy is saying the right things. Much more humility than a greenberg for example. I cannot blame him for ducking/lying about the drm/media focus questions a while back. Fully forgiven. Lets see how ms differ with a gamer gamer behind the reins.

sAVAge_bEaST1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

You would think, they would make that point @ the reveal. -It was Designed as a Casual Box. Thinking that their core would just follow along.

It's built. It's done.. and it's not the future.. Sorry to break it to you guys.. but they are now going back to their 'Core, when they have no cards left on the table..

It was never built as a Games Machine,. hence the way they showcased it @ the reveal.

Games are great. and I don't have any issues with Phil, as he seems passionate -which I can respect. The system, and decisions were made -before- he entered the spot light though.

Maybe it will help with Xbox Two, I'm just not so sure with Xbox One.

Let me put it another way, It took Sony Years if not a decade, for their studios to become what they are today.

Unfortunately M$ was to busy Money Hatting, instead of Fostering.

The current sales of both systems are showing the Fruits, of the Seeds they planted.. Years Ago.

vigilante_man1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

You have no right on this site!

You're comment is thoughtful, respectful, insightful, without undue bias. Basically a very interesting comment.

What are you doing here?

Edit: First time I have ever bubbled a comment...

MasterCornholio1573d ago

So much logic in that comment.

I completely agree with you and as the saying goes, "You reap what you sow".

Have a bubble on me.

ArbitorChief1573d ago

So your saying there can't be any good games on the XB1 due to the XB1 hardware... Are you retarded?

Christopher1573d ago

I find their statements only weird because I still get e-mails telling me that the Xbox One is more than just for games. I don't get e-mails focused on the gaming aspect of it.

MasterCornholio1573d ago

To be fair he was recently appointed head of the Xbox One division so the changes the he will make will not be instantaneous. It will take them several years to refocus the Xbox brand on gaming again since they invested a lot of capital and time in the TV aspect of it.

Christopher1573d ago

I guess you have a point there, MasterCornholio.

It's just weird seeing him say one thing and then immediately getting something else in my e-mail.

Godmars2901573d ago

Sadly, MS doesn't have "several years" to get back on the right track. They need to change things within one if not two years.

Flamingweazel1573d ago

Why because an exec said so??? LMAO some of you will believe anything these corporate shills tell you naive much? Actions speak louder then words.

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