Watch_Dogs' Creative Director Claims That The Game Does Not Max Out PS4, Unsure Of PC Specific GFX

Watch_Dogs creative director, Jonathan Morin, answered a number of questions on Twitter recently. Jonathan is currently unsure whether the PC version will feature any specific GFX (regarding physics,shaders, and lighting effects), despite the fact that the PC will ‘push the details better‘.

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Xaphy1603d ago

of course it doesnt. The console has been out for a few months. Any devs saying they maxed ou the ps4 are just talking bull****. Same goes for xbox one. Just being realistic.

Naga1603d ago

You need to cut it out with that "being realistic" thing around here. You are making way too much sense.

Sy_Wolf1603d ago

Maxing out a console isn't hard. It doesn't mean games can't look better, it just means that that with their current technology they are making the system run at 100%. Gears 1 maxed the 360 out but later games looked better.

ITPython1603d ago

Exactly, being maxed out =/= Maximum optimization.

starchild1603d ago

You're exactly right. Most high end games max out the consoles' hardware, but that doesn't mean that they can't figure out ways to more EFFICIENTLY max out the hardware to get better results.

wsoutlaw871603d ago

Thats correct, so we should expect this game to be maxing out the ps4 because thats just wasting resources. After all this time they should have been able to max out both the xb1 and the ps4 individually. I hope this isnt a situation where the console versions are made for the lowest common denominator. They probably should have had more for the pc too.

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FlameBaitGod1603d ago

Well its not like they are lying.... they max out the PS4 with their ENGINE. They improve it in time and that's how we get better performance.

galgor1603d ago

Yeah, but still it's refreshing to see a statement like this. Normally it's devs boasting about how they have maxed out the console and taken it to the limit etc etc.

We all know how it goes. What matters at the end of the day is whether or not your game is good. Simple.

ITPython1603d ago

I knew this game wouldn't, and is likely going to result in the XB1 getting closer to the PS4's resolution and fps for this game (simply because the PS4 is limited to 1080p @ 60fps, even if it has the ability to go higher).

Those in xcamp will claim victory and say it is due to teh cloudz and the secret sauce. But in reality the game just isn't very demanding. The XB1 will likely be pushed to the max just to get close to the under-driven PS4 version of the game.

Also let's not mix up being maxed out and having maximum optimization. Poor coding can max out a console even if the game looks terrible and runs terribly. Heck I can max out any PC with just a few lines of code in C++ set to an infinite loop.

What this guy is saying is that the PS4 still has room to breath performance wise, because the game isn't demanding enough. Which is what I expected all along.

Kiwi661603d ago

How do you know that the ps4 can go above 1080p & 60fps sounds like wishful thinking as i'm pretty sure we would've heard about this from somewhere if it could

n4rc1603d ago

What I read was a basic comment being overblown as usual..

Look at year 7 games compared to launch titles last gen.. That's all he was saying.. He should be doing all he can to hit the ceiling of both.. But that ceiling will raise in a year.. Hell, next week even..

He's simply saying watch dogs isn't the best you'll ever see in its lifespan. Which is pretty obvious and a standard response from guys in his position..

ITPython1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

@MrKrispy - PS4 can't output above 1080p and 60fps on games as far as I am aware.

So if WD is not being maxed out on the PS4, then it should be doing 1080p @ 60fps. Otherwise why waste the extra juice that is just sitting there not being utilized?

And if it is not being maxed out at 1080p @ 60fps, then theoretically it could go beyond 1080p @ 60fps if the PS4 was able to output it.

Get what I was trying to say?

esemce1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Nonsense, at the time of release it will be 'maxed out' that's why it will only run at 30fps with toned down visuals.

Why do you ignorant delusional people think that these new consoles are some type of supercomputer with masses of un tapped potential power.

Yes games will get slightly better in time with more mature tools and experience but they are basically small form factor PC's with x86 architecture.

Games will not improve massivly in time as it looks now Watch dogs is pretty much maxing out the PS4 otherwise it could easily run at 60fps, It will run at 30fps like AC4 because it is limited by the hardware.

If people really care about graphics and framerate them they should play on PC, if you care about system exclusives then buy whatever console has the ones you like.

I know the PS4 is very limited and will always be, I hoped it would be more powerful but in the end I purchased one knowing I would love the exclusives such as Uncharted, infamous and God of War.

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GribbleGrunger1603d ago

This is without doubt true but in light of the recent accusations of a downgrade, I think it would have been best for them to have kept their mouth shut.

BadlyPackedKeebab1603d ago

The thing is there is a difference between maxed out and optimal.

Maxed out simply means that for each frame that is generated the CPU and GPU are processing something right up until the point where the image is displayed. If for instance a new frame is displayed every 0.1 seconds but the code to generate that frame takes 0.05 seconds the system is only 50% maxed out. Its quite normal that the cpu/gpu will actually do 0.1 seconds of processing, display the image then 0.1 of processing and so on. What will change over the gen though is how efficient the code is and how much they can get done in that 0.1 seconds. Its like the initial games are unfit you, it takes you 20 seconds to run 100m, but over the gen you train and you become more efficient and you are now running 100m in 12 seconds. which means in that same amount of time you can now run 180 odd meters getting much more done but still running the whole time.

Magicite1603d ago

they can max out console by loading its ram/cpu/gpu to limits, yet by maxing out console they probably mean optimizing it to the max which yields the best results and usually happens after 3-5 years of the release.

Baccra171603d ago

How can they max out PS4 if they keep on doing that parity bs? They will never max out PS4 so long as parity is around.

kingduqc1603d ago

people will disagree but w/e, Console gpu and cpu is used 100% so yes it is maxed out. It can't even give 60 fps.

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sadfeet1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

"Does not max out PS4". Parity imminent. Abandon all ship. /s

But seriously though, multiplatform games never maxes each other's hardware no matter which console you prefer. With new tools and driver updates I can see this gen milking the graphics department for a long time.

n4rc1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )


“We do push quite a lot but this is the very beginning of a generation… We will have years of fun with those.”

So that somehow became ps4 isn't maxxed out so Xbox is holding the game back.. Yet he said THOSE

Idiotic logic and useless article.. His statement applies to both ps4 and x1 and is blatantly obvious at that.. People need to stop trying to read between the lines and making stupid assumptions

starchild1603d ago

Yeah, it's strange that people can misunderstand something so completely.

He isn't saying that Watch Dogs isn't pushing the PS4 and XB1 right now. He is simply saying that developers will find more efficient ways to take advantage of the hardware as time goes on.

Watch Dogs looks very good and with the amount of NPCs, cars, monorail and other detail in the world--along with all the physics interactions--I guarantee it is going to push the consoles quite hard.

MeLoveRamen1603d ago

I think most people could tell you this game isn't maxing out the ps4. Devs will not be able to max this bad boy out until 5-6 years, even when Devs think they have the ps4 maxed out Sony's first party will show the third party devs that there is a lot of optimization that they can do.

Speak_da_Truth1603d ago

maxed out???? nah don't "LOOK" like it to me more like down grade

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