Please stop name dropping Shenmue III when you say you 'listen' to fans

GGG writes that while its nice and all that Microsoft and Sony executives say they would like to help revive the Shenmue franchise that these comments come off increasingly as PR tactics to get fans on their side.

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GraveLord1598d ago

I agree. Microsofts "for the gamers' attitude is so fake.

Abash1598d ago

Phil Spencer is now the head of Xbox, he has the power to a lot of things he speaks of a reality now. It's time he proved he and Xbox are all about the gamers with some new games that are happening specifically because of his new position

GraveLord1598d ago

I hope he does too.
But at this point its all talk.

dddooozzz91598d ago

Totally. MS already already abandoned Chinese market twice times. Please learn like SONY. PS3 still has many exclusive games can play this year. Most of all, SONY also localize a lot of games with Traditional Chinese version in PlayStation platform, but Microsoft......nothing.

-Foxtrot1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Of course it is, they've never mentioned anything about gamers "the focus/audience, not actual games like Ryse and Dead Rising 3", since the reveal...hell since Kinect, but after the PS4's surprise head start it's shown that a gamer focused attitude is working better.

They've seen how Sony's "Long Live Play" and "For the Players" marketing strategy has worked out for them over the years and they are probably freaking out a little as their "TV, Kinect, Sports...gamers last" focus isn't doing much good as they were hoping. So now they want to get back on the "We love games to" bandwagon because they want their audience back.

To be honest I feel thats why they made Phil the head of Xbox, out of all the people in the Xbox branch his "gamer" status made him more likeable to consumers and would re-enforce their "For the gamers...too" attitude better since there would be an actually gamer leading it. It looks good marketing wise...think about that strategy with Don Matrick at the helm......thought about it?.......yeah not pretty is it.

You can't fault Shu really though, he's always been communicating with people on Twitter and joins different gaming related causes to show support so I don't think they were trying to use Shenmue 3 as a PR stunt, just something he was interested in which gaming sites picked up on because they felt it hinted at a third game by Sony. I feel MS though feel like if Shenmue 3 did land on the PS4 it would be a massive hit for them so that's where their PR push for it came because they don't want their gaming audience backing their rival to get it made.

christocolus1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )



Adam boyes and yoshida have been talking about shenmue for months and Phil has only mentioned shenmue twice since xbox one launch and he is all of a sudden a me too, fake, a copy cat? Wth?

the first time he mentioned shenmue was in a reply to a question a fan asked on twitter where he stated the franchise belonged to sega and then again today in an interview with gamespot where he again stated the same thing. Should he have told a lie? Xbox fans have been bombarding this guy on twitter about the game. I have sent him links to a websites just to show him how much gamers want the game....and so you know Shenmue2 was released on the original xbox, I played it on dc but a few friends and myself still bought the sequel on the original xbox.

Phil was only answering a question and all of a sudden its bad? Dude...

Just say you dislike the console or are extremely biased instead of constantly downplaying the guy and his positive efforts and constantly comparing it to sonys.

its funny how its ok for sony to comunicate with fans via social media but its wrong and fake when MS does it? What the hell is wrong with Phil or any other exec doing it? Even if they doing it cos sony is doing it its still a great idea. I love what Phil has done so far and with his new office I can only expect greater things in the future. PR stunt or not, the guy is great, he reaches out to fans, and is fully committed to delivering games. gamers and devs alike appreciate his attitude and efforts so how can you keep spinning that in a negative light?

The guy is now the head of the division, you may not be happy with it and spin it how you like but devs, gamers and even his colleagues are extremely happy with the deceision.. You never see anything good in the steps MS takes, you and others like you keep downplaying everything...damn

hkgamer1598d ago

I think the whole shenmue series will need to be remade.
The difference this time would be to have roughly the same length.

sell each chapter for $/£10-15 and release 1 chapter once every month or 2.

RAAMzilla1598d ago

Microsoft's reluctance to embrace the gamer has been subject to mockery since it's inception.

"Hey, Gamers! Why don't you pick up an Xbox One today and get Skyping, YouTubing, TV watching, Movie browsing, Internet surfing and, I suppose when you catch a spare minute, perhaps think about possibly gaming too!"