Foxtel Play coming to PlayStation 3 today, PlayStation 4 to follow soon

Stevivor, "A series of tweets that have been retweeted by Content Services Manager for PlayStation Australia Adam Renardson suggest that Foxtel Play will be available for PlayStation 3 today, with the service making its way to the PlayStation 4 in the near future."

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ArbitorChief1486d ago

Sweet as! I have Foxtel in my TV downstairs, but if this allows me to watch Foxtel on my gaming TV upstairs on my PS3, that's sweet as!

MRMagoo1231486d ago

Thats a pretty cool feature but alas for me my wife works for foxtel so i get everything for free so it wont help cos we have the HD foxtel box in the bedroom where the ps4 is and a standard foxtel box in the lounge room where the ps3 is.

ArbitorChief1486d ago

Can your wife get me free access to Fox Sports so I can watch Cricket for free :)

MRMagoo1231485d ago

I dont think so lol she works for account start ups, she doesnt get to change peoples accounts.