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When the original Dark Souls came out in 2011, it was the talk of the town. Brutally difficult yet extremely rewarding, the spiritual successor of Demon’s Souls on the PlayStation 3 was considered one of the best games that year, and is even argued as one of the best games of the generation by some outlets. So when a sequel was announced, it was met with both a sense of optimism and dread. And while it is not to be met with the same amount of revelry, Dark Souls II is one the best sequels a gamer could have asked for.

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Timesplitter141602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

Best game to come out in a long while, that's for sure. I played like 120 hours in two weeks.

But I can somewhat agree with a review that doesn't give it 10/10. Environment and boss design, although it is miles ahead of most games, was not quite up to the level of Dark Souls 1. I think the combat and sheer quantity of items was superior, though.

Veneno1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

Yep. Not a 10/10 but absolutely another jewel in the Souls series :)

And I believe it's safe to say that the next gen Souls will blow away any quibbles we had about this one.