Funniest Pokedex Entries

GamersBliss writes: "We have composed a list of some of the funniest pokedex entries of all time; from Pokemon Red/Blue all the way until Pokemon X/Y. Know of a funny one not on our list? Add it in the comment section below."

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TheSuperior 1446d ago

Darumaka's is the funniest

Relientk771446d ago

“It spins string not only from its rear but also from its mouth. It is hard to tell which end is which.”

what lol

TheSuperior 1446d ago

That's what I thought hahahaha x)

evilkillerk1446d ago

To be honest I find it more amusing the ones that reference height or past origin.

TheSuperior 1446d ago

That is very true, past origin ones can be a bit amusing also. I just find it funny that so many pokedex entries describe such odd things about the pokemon. Like really anything can be pegged as funny or creepy when you get down and picture all of the words happening haha

Pozzle1446d ago

I always got a kick out of Alakazam's pokedex entry from Pokemon Yellow:

"Many odd things happen if this POKéMON is close by. For example, it makes clocks run backwards."