Not A Joke, Zombies On A Plane Is A Game That Exists

SegmentNext writes: "Developer Shangri-la Game Studios released Zombies on a Plane over the weekend. It’s currently available at a 30% discount for a few days, before it resets to a price of €6.99."

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Clunkyd1450d ago

Game looks like fun by looking at the screenshots...

kydrice1450d ago

It's April Fools, no can be trusted!

Clunkyd1450d ago

Oh yeah! It's April Fools lol

I would play this game though if it was real.

rdgneoz31450d ago

Apparently it is real, as the comments on the page are dating back to March 28th, and even 2 from Oct. Top corner, hit install game then you can go to the checkout page to buy it for $6.99 atm.

Gamespot also has a page listing for the game (March release date - was apparently 28th), though no real info.

MRMagoo1231450d ago

Its real, they already have it on piratebay.

TehBAT1450d ago

I've had it with these monkey-fighting zombies on this Monday-to-Friday plane!

Stringerbell1450d ago

There is a movie like this called 'Plane Dead' it's awesome.

nix1450d ago

haha.. what a fun looking game.

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