Sorry Xbox One Fans, Titanfall Isn't Perfect. And It's Lowering Our Standards

Titanfall is a good game, but is it good for gaming?

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Axonometri1450d ago

So, perfect, is the standard for Xbox One?
Things are becoming clear...

Allsystemgamer1450d ago

No but te rabid fanboys seem to claim Titanfall is perfect when it's far from it. It's a great game but not even close to perfect.

king_george1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Idk if i have seen anyone call it perfect really. That would be a silly statement. This article is dumb :/ atleast the headline anyway. Not gonna bother reading it

Naga1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

@ Allsystemgamer

The picture you are painting is an argument of hyperbolic opposites. Perhaps the game is neither perfect nor causing us to lower our standards. One person saying something is perfect does not justify another in saying it is terrible; a rational gamer will judge the experience on the merits.

marlinfan101450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

kind of like all the fanboys saying infamous is perfect? neither is but if people love a game they're gonna react like that, big deal.

Army_of_Darkness1450d ago

I think he is referring to the somewhat undercover xbone fanboys know as "professional reviewers" such as that Adam Sessler guy that gave this game a perfect 5/5 score, then gave infamous:SS like a 3/5 I think... Ridiculous.

itBourne1450d ago

The title is misleading, the entire article is about titanfall being a incomplete game sold for $60, and gamers (author included) are embracing it, and what if it becomes a trend.

creatchee1450d ago

I've seen WAY more people (most of which have never played and will never play the game) calling it a COD-clone and mediocre than people claiming it to be perfect.

My thoughts:
it's the most fun first month I've ever had with a multiplayer game. It's not perfect. Hell - it's probably not even the best game I've played in the past year. But every time I play it, I have an enormous amount of fun, which is why I am a gamer in the first place.

georgeenoob1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

It's the highest scoring retail game on metacritic so far this gen. But of course it isn't perfect. Even if it was, it's an MS exclusive, and hence will never be claimed as perfect. But with games like inFamous sitting at 80% and Titanfall at 86%, you know it's definitely a GOTY contender.

The gameplay of Titanfall does bring a new standard to reviewers. Playing such a fun game gives a new perception to how next gen gameplay should feel like.

Pon41450d ago

Just like you claim infamous second son is you joke that game is far worst then the other 2 made sucker punch here -1

nukeitall1450d ago

Perfect or not, it is the only game this generation that I play for hours on hours and cannot stop.

There hasn't been an online game since Gears of War that I play like that!

Is it perfect? No game is, but it sure as hell is addictive and the highest scoring game on current generation console!

So it might not be perfect, but it sure as hell is the best out there right now on current generation console!!! >D

alexkoepp1450d ago

Sorry PS4 fanboy, but Titanfall is awesome. It's also available on PC and the X360, but thanks for attacking the Xbox One you little fanboy, please come again!

Dannyh1450d ago

Same can be said about infamous,both games have flaws but both games are fun as hell

BLuTheSecond1450d ago

Man people are still hurt over Sessler's Infamous review?


Sheesh you kids need to grow up and move on with your lives. If Sessler enjoyed Titanfall enough to give it a 5/5 then so be it. How does him giving Tfall a 5/5 and Infamous a 3/5 affect your enjoyment of Infamous?

GTgamer1450d ago

Don't worry Guys we both know when Halo 5 drops Xbox fans will abandon TF :/.

truefan11450d ago

This is a joke. XB1 fans expect more articles like this or XB1 Doom/being sold off. There had been too much positive XB1 news lately, especially today. Mainly the SF has to reset the balance.

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BX811450d ago

@ Army of darkness
Why is that redic? It's his opinion. Just like you think he should have given Infamous a higher rating. It's your opinion, not fact.

Bdub20001449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Just another article proving how jealous ps4 fanboys are. They have nothing better to do, so they continue to trash a game they'll never play...

If the game made no impact and PS4 fanboys have no interest in it, why is this such a hot topic two and a half weeks after release?

By the way, what top game reviewer gave titanfall a perfect Score? At this point, the only hype is coming from people playing the game and word of mouth, so I guess it's a pretty good game.

One X1 fan says to another X1 fan, "this game is awesome, I love it!" and they both agree and smile and play some more. A Ps4 guy listening in jumps at and yells "those bots are dumb, 6 vs 6 is weak!" same old ps4 jargon... That's what all you ps4 guys sound like. This game has nothing to do with you.

UnHoly_One1449d ago

This article is awful.

He complains because nobody could explain why the IMC and Militia are fighting each other.

Who flippin cares!!??

Why were Red and Blue fighting each other in Halo? Did that matter or affect the game in any way?

Do you think any of the millions of people playing Call of Duty care what team they are on and what team they are matched up against?

The answer is no. You shoot the guys that on the other team and try to win the match. You don't stop at the beginning to think about your motives first, you just play and have fun.

This is ridiculous.

mewhy321449d ago

I agree. It's far, far , far, from perfect. It's basically a 792p clone of Call of Duty with mechs. Period.

Allsystemgamer1449d ago

uh pon4 i never said infamous was perfect. its a fun game and i didnt like 1 or 2...youre reaching out of thin air

PONTIAC08G8GT1449d ago

Can someone please explain what make infamous a higher standard? Because it's got nice graphics and its single player? I mean, this is the dumbest article.

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digim01450d ago

Well, I would think every dev wants their game to be perfect but I see your point. The article is more about how the perception of titanfall as perfect (or near perfect anyways) masks some trends that are ultimately bad for consumers/gamers. The headline is directed towards those blinded by hype, not those who see it for what it is.

lelo1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Titanfall isn't perfect and nobody said it was (I think), but it's a very good multiplayer game.

Simply put... NO game is perfect. That's why I frown upon reviewers that give 10 out 10 on games. No game deserves a perfect score.

Godmars2901450d ago

Think the point is that its only a good multiplayer. That it does one thing right, but lowers the standard for everything else. Like surrounding narrative, reason to fight, or even excuses for weapons.

cozomel1450d ago

Well then if TF is a very good game than so is COD. And its gots a SP mode. So technically its a better game

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Sayai jin1450d ago

Strange thing, the author is point out Xbox One, but not PC.

Anyways, of course the game is not perfect. When did it need to be perfect. There are tons of games that are not perfect, but hella good.

Pinkdolphinyfg1450d ago

Might i add everybody was fine and dandy and as a matter of fact encouraging not to add multiplayer and let the developer create their vision when it was announced The order: 1886 was a single player only game.

But Titanfall on the other hand gets docked off points for not having a single player.

Hicken1450d ago

More like the general lack of content you're expected to pay full price for. Few maps, few modes, few weapons, few titans. A forgettable campaign the game could have done well enough without. And it's- obviously- worthless without the internet. Even among online only titles, Titanfall is very low on substance.

Do you think The Order will lack for content or longevity, particularly compared to other games in the genre?

Well, you might.

DigitalRaptor1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Thing is, it doesn't get docked points.

It's been reviewed very well, with people still ignoring key faults and design flaws, lack of content, performance issues etc. etc. etc. It seems to be reviewed more subjectively than objectively, when there needs to be a key balance of both.

You just watch when PlanetSide 2 comes out on PS4. Watch it embarrass Titanfall in terms of content, scope, ambition, persistence, graphics, performance - and at a zero cost barrier to entry.

Watch it get lower scores. Watch the double standards.

doolin_dalton1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Xbox fans don't believe Titanfall is perfect, but it's a pretty damn good game for a new IP. I don't see any standards being lowered.


"You just watch when PlanetSide 2 comes out on PS4. Watch it embarrass Titanfall in terms of content, scope, ambition, persistence, graphics, performance - and at a zero cost barrier to entry.

Watch it get lower scores. Watch the double standards."

Wow. Not only are you spouting off about the superiority of a Sony game that's not even out yet, but you're also launching a pre-emptive "media bias" conspiracy theory just in case it's not reviewed as perfect (like you believe).

Remember the article a few days ago? You're a perfect case subject in what I was referring to.

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liquidhalos1449d ago

cosplay as a reason? I gave up reading at that point.

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SliceOfTruth8881450d ago

Yes it is perfect to some people and to some its not. I enjoy titanfall I think its an amazing fps and the most fun I have had with one since mw1. Now I am currently making my first play through of second son and to be honest its a snorefest to me. The sound is muddled and to be honest I think GTA 5 looked just as good if not better and was a better experience than what I am currently experiencing on second son. Does that mean second son is lowering our standards? Its getting rave reviews and many people feel the same way as me. The answer is no this article is just garbage

zeuanimals1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Lol. GTA V looked just as good? Can I have some of what you're smoking? And nobody has ever called inFAMOUS SS a perfect game, yet tons of people have called Titanfall that when it's not. So what's really lowering standards?

I'm having fun with both but servers are almost completely dead for Titanfall on PC and it's only been a few weeks. inFAMOUS SS, being a single player game, I don't have to rely on other people populating the game and it will be fun years from now while Titanfall is gonna be dead.

And just one look at your post history and I can see a ton of hating on the PS4 and its games. Don't even spew your BS.

Bathyj1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

I was accepting your opinion as ok, Titanfall is more your type of game than Second Son. Thats ok, I understand, each to their own, some people are Elvis fans, some people are Beatles.

Then you said GTA5 looked just as good.

Dude, with all due credit to Rockstar, they created an amazing world, but no. And more over, I cant believe anyone that actually play the game would actually believe that.

You know, you shouldnt call yourself Truth if your going to say things like that.

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BenqMagician1450d ago

Want too know what's "Lowering Our Standards" in gaming a call of duty game that's released every year.

LAWSON721450d ago

You are wrong, it is not COD that lowers game quality. The blame goes to the gamers buying it on a yearly basis.

dantesparda1450d ago

Thats funny, cuz this is COD in a different coat of paint. You people are funny. So easily fooled

Alan_Shore1450d ago

Agreed only got it 2 days ago having a blast on it :)

mrpsychoticstalker1450d ago

The game is Perfect, stop the hate!