Atlus Starts Business With Old Name Today, Gets Brand New Logo and Promises to Fulfill Expectations

Atlus announced today with a press release that the company has officially started business under the original “Atlus” name after the bankruptcy of former parent company Index Corporation and the acquisition by Sega, also disclosing a brand new logo.

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1573d ago
Transporter471573d ago

I love Atlus but sometimes i wish they would bring more jrpgs on vita over here i'd be happy

Goro1573d ago

I hope they bring Persona 5 to Vita, Persona is the type of games i prefer to play portably, like Pokemon.

Protagonist1573d ago


I agree, at the moment I´m playing Persona 3 FES, besides not being able to control or equip the party, which makes the game almost unplayable after P3P, the fact that it is on the big screen, just ain´t as intimate.

dcj05241573d ago

But you can equip tho and semi control them.

stavrami-mk21573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

Great company would like to thank ur support of the vita :-)

Would love them to get God eater over ;-)

Abriael1573d ago

God eater is made by Namco Bandai :D

stavrami-mk21573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

I know but don't someone like atlas or xseed westernise it?? I thought atlas done that but now u mention it I think I'm wrong on that one :p

Relientk771573d ago

Lets see some new Atlus games

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