You Can Turn Mines Into Anti-Aircraft Weapons In Battlefield 4

Part of what's fun about games with complex systems like Battlefield 4 is seeing what unintended consequences you can create. Stun_Gravy and his friends enjoy doing exactly that, this time by laying land mines ... for a jet.

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ATi_Elite1603d ago

Wow, Meanwhile while you foolishly waste time doing this your team is loosing ground and flags so you can get a cheap Youtube/glitch kill.

TheBurger291603d ago

they spent their money so they can play how they want

Naga1603d ago

Players will always find something to do that doesn't involve playing the objective. This is just a simple fact of team-based online gaming.

When you set gamers loose in a creative sandbox filled with explosive toys, you can expect them to do anything and everything under the digital sun.

FunkMacNasty1603d ago

Burger29, you're right and what your saying is fair enough, but more to ATi_Elite's comment - it's a f**ing pain in the balls when you wind up trying to play a match of conquest or rush with these clowns.

KwietStorm1603d ago

And that mentality right there is why teams lose.

BX811603d ago

Yeah let them find exploits in a public match... they paid for it. /s

Sadist31603d ago

That's a horrible cop-out. You're choosing to play a TEAM OBJECTIVE game, you do team work. You want to go around and do what you want, there's a mode called death match you can play. Why play a mode like conquest if you're not going to play the objective? You have to be a freaking idiot to do that.

Naga1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

@ Sadist3

I'm completely on your side here, I'm not sure your argument is really helpful. The problem with team deathmatch as an alternative is that it doesn't include the large-scale maps or vehicular warfare which make these kinds of shenanigans possible in the first place. It's a much smaller sandbox with fewer toys, if you will.

So for the game-breaking goofballs who want to do their own thing and ruin the team objective experience for the rest of us, there's no other place for them to go. They will continue to feel that they are entitled to go where they want and play in such a way as to ruin your experience because they paid the price of admission. While I totally agree that the reasoning misses the point, I don't think it's so much a matter of idiocy as it is just one of selfishness; all they care about is their own experience.

And besides, when you really get down to it, we usually find that those people often take a great deal of twisted pleasure in deliberately screwing with your otherwise task-oriented gaming experience. Ultimately, it's the self-centered mentality of the entitled gamer that we find at the root of the problem.

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AgentSmithPS41603d ago

BF needs a (optional) PTO mode that automatically forces people to play the objective or they'll be kicked from the server, temp banned, etc. This way people have a real choice, they can play with others who want to play the mode how it was intended to be played or they can just join a random chaos server as usual. I'd also like the option to turn off K/D for objective based modes to help encourage team play.

Having a real choice would be nice, I usually PTO, sometimes I screw around, but it would be great to feel like other people (on my team) are actually trying to win for a change.

Unfortunately dice/ea are the enabling 'parents' of the many spoiled brats that spoil games, they push the burden onto admins who then have less time to enjoy their own game, and players who deserve better.

No, kiddo, you should not have the right to steal my vehicle while I'm repairing it (because nobody else can or will), no you can't sit around in base wasting a vehicle because you're butthurt your pal didn't get into the gunner position (or the driver gets a kick option since he claimed it first, etc).

The door is wide open for another company to come in and make a Betterfield, hopefully all that money will encourage someone to show them how it's done.

mattomondo1602d ago

I like the idea of a PTO mode, but how would it measure how effectively someone is playing the objective?

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1603d ago

More glitches. No wonder people went back to Battlefield 3.

Geekman1603d ago

NOBODY went back to Boringfield 3.

Geekman1603d ago

I won't be trying this.