April 2014 DLC Release Schedule

The gaming release schedule has started to calm now we’re into April. The busy Q1 schedule is over and now all roads lead to E3 and the sure to be chock-full Q3 and Q4.

But there is still good content to be found here. Killzone Shadow Fall will receive its first, full expansion since its launch in November, while Call of Duty Ghosts gets its next DLC expansion featuring Predator and the reimagining of Dome from MW3 and Battlefield 4′s long-awaited Naval Strike DLC will release.

The month is also a landmark one as it will see the final Borderlands 2 DLC, over 18 months after release and the last Batman Arkham City story-based content, focused on Mr Freeze.

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TheRatedD1566d ago

I wanna see what the Outlast DLC is all about. The main game was great.