Did Kojima cross the line with sexual abuse in MGS V: Ground Zeroes? (Nerd Reactor)

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes contains some graphic elements including sexual abuse. Did Kojima cross the line?

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mochachino1596d ago

I much prefer cutscenes to audio tapes. Devs should realize that most people complaining in forums are the minority opinion. It's rare for a person to go online and praise something.

Blacksand11596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

You don't hear Sony gamer's crying about it. After playing Last of Us i'm ready for anything.


They should have those audio tapes into real cutscenes. Why bother listening to them, better read a text then. Games should really hit maturity and portray what movies are doing. Any developer should be audacious and accept the challenge to go beyond the limits of what is presented these days. Kojima do it in the Phantom Pain. Don't worry, Jack Thompson is far from you and he is only ineterested in GTA (unless he will be confused thinking MGSV is GTA because it has same gameplay now lol).

AgentSmithPS41596d ago

It's not real, deal with it, and if you don't want to then don't listen to it or close your eyes and ears and say "lalalalalala"....

I wonder what percent of people who complain about this fake stuff are actually out in the real world helping real victims of real crimes, poverty, starvation, etc. (0.2%?)

Chuk51596d ago

The last person I trust to handle such a serious topic is Kojima.

Hicken1596d ago

No reason. He just wanted to say that. Possibly Kojima kicked his dog.

Larry L1596d ago

This is why I hate 90+% of the people on the internet (which I guess now means 90+% of people in general). Other people convince them that they are upset about something.......or there's some "righteous" cause they need to take up arms about, and they just become these completely disingenuous trolls that really have no real personality or opinions of their own. If they are even the slightest bit upset about something they consider "wrong" in their tiny minds (like perhaps a developer DARING to charge people a measly $20 for a Prologue game......I was more than happy to pay double that for a far less impressive or content rich GT5 Prologue, but what do I know), they will just go on the attack on absolutely any grounds. People just make me sick. I would do ANYTHING for a ticket onto MARS1 to get as far away from the brainwashed masses as I possibly can. But I digress.

The fact is, just a couple years ago a developer would have been, and in fact WAS praised for giving their fanbase credit for being mature enough to handle these kind of mature plotlines when done well. Heavy Rain comes immediately to mind for example. But hey......Kojima charged (GASP!!) $20 for a product......well he's just gone too far then.......

F People. Thank You.

Pillsbury11596d ago

The last of us shows that we are looking for more mature topics that make for more interesting stories. We are grown up now and want controversial storytelling.

imtheman20131596d ago

I read that in the Pillsbury Dough Boy's voice, so I couldn't take it seriously. /s

Seriously though, I love shows/movies/books that tackle controversial themes. When games do it, I'm even more excited, because they're so rare.

SegaSaturn6691596d ago

Sexual abuse happens every day. It's a part of humanity and it'll be with us until the very last of us.

Alan_Shore1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

So put it in video games?

I think put this kind of stuff in if the juice is worth the squeeze which when it comes to tv it usually is depending on the show. Tv makes you feel for people especially when something bad happens and you see it visually

These are just audio's clips Worth the squeeze? Not saying a visual would be a good thing to me the audio was just pointless although add's to the story but only fans will worry about them things.

The audio of sexual abuse did nothing to make this game better or enhance the gameplay.

LAWSON721596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Well it depends on the theme and setting of a game. I love when TV shows are not afraid to have the bad acts of humanity (e.g Walking Dead, True Detective, that show was awesome btw). The world is not made of rainbows and sunshine, so why should games have to be? There are people out there who actually commit these acts and I could understand if games made them out to be okay, but they dont. When they do I guess the internet can have a proper reason to b**** about it

ShinMaster1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

We already have murder in videogames.

Phantom_Puss1596d ago

I see what you did there...clever.

Summons751596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

No, Kojima said multiple times that the game will push boundaries and go into very taboo and real subjects, if you can't handle a M rated game then I hear PBS is a good place for you to feel safe and ignore the real problems of the world.

The MGS series always went into serious topics but always with a message against it. In this case its about the horrors of torture and the secracry and awful things that governments do like set up prisons off their own soil so prisoners have none of that countries rights.

Stop whining or go find a game that is for you like candy crush or kinect sports.

Rich16311596d ago

Dude. Right on. Right f*cking on! Thank you. Finally someone with a brain.

NeoTribe1595d ago

Lol, this should be the top and only comment allowed on this article. Right to the point and 100 percent accurate. We live in a over dramatic society that are still getting used to feelings. I work to many hours and have to much shit to do to bother bitching about every little thing i think is allitle wierd in the world.

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