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From the review - InFamous: Second Son doesn’t rely heavily on the story and morality system that the other inFamous games are best known for. Instead it’s focus is on pure entertainment by providing you a lush array of powers to use and a city to test them out on. As Delsin Rowe do you take on the mantle as hero and save the people who fear you or succumb the to your selfish demons?

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MeLoveRamen1568d ago

Second Son is very entertaining game but once you start to compare it to infamous 2, you realize that Sucker Punch could have done sooooo much more with Second Son. Second Son graphics and gameplay is vastly superior to its predecessors but the story, karma choices and some of the super powers could be a little better. Example with the powers I remember you could pick up cars and throw them in infamous 2 and that badass tornado would just wreck havoc on a street but i think they just went with the cinematic karma bombs this time. My theory and hope is that Sucker Punch spend most of their time with the new graphic engine, and face mo-cap and maybe a little time constrained with launching so close to launch because it was suppose to be a launch title that they just didn't have a enough time to make the ultimate Infamous experience and that the next one will blow Second Son out of the water like how Infamous 2 did the first one.