If Square Enix Made a Bravely Default Inspired Next-Gen RPG, Would We Buy It?

CraveOnline: "So what kind of change can we realistically expect? I’m sure Square will sort out its AAA trepidations in due time, but there are other areas of the company that need revamping as well; let’s not forget, this is an entity known mainly for its beloved, timeless RPGs. Bravely Default sold well and fans loved it, so it's like we'll see some of its qualities presented in future Square Enix titles. This could mean the return of classic, tried-and-true RPGs on consoles. If that's the case, a dose of caution is advisable as. An overzealous blast from the past could easily cause a face plant towards the future."

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-Foxtrot1571d ago

You what bugs me, Ravely Default has a turn based battle system a core part of Final Fantasy that they've tried for years to change.

See how gamers still enjoy it, they just need to add little twists to keep it fresh.

I mean the ring system in Lost Odyssey was a nice touch, like the R1 Gunblade trigger in Final Fantasy 8.

All they have to do is get people into a battle quicker instead of the moving camera establishing the location (if you know what I mean). In, fight, out done.

3-4-51571d ago

ATB system is not that good.

Standard simple turn based combat will always play well, and be easy to use.

* Keep battles, simple, short, but with customization options.

Roccetarius1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Yeah, i'm not a fan of the ATB system either. It was passable for me in FF games, but i never liked it. I prefer a true turn based game, and i enjoyed the hell out of Lost Odyssey. It just needs to enter battles without taking a generation to do so.

Maybe they could've expanded on the ring system, but we'll never know since LO 2 won't happen.

Another Resonance of Fate won't happen either, but i liked that game as well.

rainslacker1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

I never minded the ATB when it gave the option to pause to make a decision. Without that option, I always felt the games came across as some weird RPG/action-RPG hybrid. The battle system could be good, but without much time to really choose what you want it kind of fell apart, or relied too heavily on computer assisted input.

I agree on the establishing shot thing. Been replaying FFX with the remake, and it's rather annoying while doing stuff to wait through it. It doesn't help that the random encounters are quite numerous.

I think since the systems themselves can handle realtime encounters that don't need to go to a second battle screen we'll hopefully see less than that. In FFXIII it was rather quick to get into the battle.

Wouldn't mind seeing the post battle screen being moved onto the main field either so you aren't mindlessly hitting the X button a couple times to get through it to simply return to the game.

kalkano1571d ago

The only reason for the camera flipping around is because it's still loading. They avoided that in 10.

Akuma071570d ago

ATB is the epitome of a modern and fast paced turn based battle system.

FFX-2 had the best battle system of ANY final fantasy game.

kalkano1571d ago

"Meanwhile, though Lightning Returns is an excellent improvement over its forebears that flirts ever-so-briefly with gaming brilliance,"

13-3 was a piece of crap; even worse than the first 2.

JohnathanACE1571d ago

Can I nominate you for president of Square Enix?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Wii U instead. Nintendo was the reason Square Enix woke up because they localized Bravely Default.

zero_gamer1571d ago

Yes, I would. SE is definitely on the right track with BD.

SteamPowered1571d ago

No Wii U consideration? I'm loving the idea of Fire Emblem on Wii U. Bravely default would be a welcome addition.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

what does Fire Emblem has to do with Square Enix?

SteamPowered1571d ago

Fire emblem and Bravely Default are both Turn based rpg combat that are 3ds games. I'm interested to see fire emblem mechanics on a console. Bravely Default would be in the same situation moving to console.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1571d ago

Oh that what you meant. I know about em. I played both.
But they aren't entirely the same turn base. Fire Emblem mostly be the same with new mechanics and HD visual on Wii U.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1571d ago

Fire emblem will for sure come to wiiU at some point
They had Path of Radiance on Gamecumbe.
Then Radiant Dawn for the wii.
so a FIre emblem game should come to wiiU eventually.

Akuma071570d ago

Because no one cares about Wii U.

Putting good game ideas on the Wii U is basically pointless, actually it is less than pointless, it is just stupid.

The Wii U is a failure, financially and based on market reaction. It is too late for a come back and Ninty need to realise that. But they won't.

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