Does Phil Harrison Now Report To Xbox Head Phil Spencer

So after reading everything there is to read about Phil Spencers New job have you saw the omittance of the Microsoft Game Exec Phil Harrison?


Well Xbox Players looks at the new appointment and what this might mean for the former Playstation Head.

Of course there has been a line of Execs that have disappeared from the list of employees at Microsoft Corp recently eh

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ATi_Elite1518d ago

The real question should be

Does Phil Harrison own an XB1 and does he actually play it?

HaydenJameSmith1518d ago ShowReplies(2)
Bigpappy1518d ago

I wouldn't worry about Harrison. Phil Spenser will find something for him to do. He can bring coffee and announce stuff

ApolloTheBoss1518d ago

Phil Spencer, Phil Harrison, Phil Fish, Phil Philston.

MEGANE1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Captain PHILLIPS!!!.... get it?!... how about now!!......
Phil Spencer to Phil Harrison, " look at me , am the captain now"..... Better?.. no!.. oh crap never mind!.

ATi_Elite1517d ago

I've had my fill of Phills in this article :)

bmf73641517d ago

I remember in a podcast before the Ps4 release, that Phil Spencer said competition aside, he's getting a PS4, Killzone, and looking forward to more Sony has to offer on a personal standpoint. Meaning his personal choice is most likely his competitor.

DOMination-1517d ago

I assume Harrison would be the best candidate to take spencers old job as head of MS Game Studios.. afterall thats what he did at Sony.

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Cherchez La Ghost1518d ago

It doesn't matter who reports to who. They both have (or will) work together as a team. And I see both of them working hard together to change things for Xbox brand.

JoGam1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Just a question....Do you think anything is wrong with the Xbox brand or do you think MS made any mistakes within the past year or two concerning xbox?

mrpsychoticstalker1518d ago

Nothing is wrong with the Xbox brand, they tried to innovate but gamers were not ready for the change.... so they went back to the status quo.

Microsoft as a whole, Is known for taking wrong decision. can you imagine running a company so globally huge?

nobody is perfect.

Phil Spencer is the right guy for the job, he started as an intern and look at him now!

I respect people who work hard to achieve their goals.

christocolus1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Does it matter if he reports to Phil or not? think people are mistaking Phil.H for a jealous fanboy...he is a friend and colleague to Phil spencer. He was brought in to help oversee MS internal studio efforts in Europe . He helped incubate soho and lift. He also helps over see projects at rare, lionhead etc and he helps manage the teams too. He works closely with Ken lobb and rumor has it that he has been very helpful in expanding ms studios in europe...i think a few new studios will be announced soon. My guess is he may take up the position Phil just left ( head of Microsoft game studios).

xboxpete1518d ago

so he will report to phil spencer is that what you just said and i agree with your points i just thought your conclusion was funny lol

christocolus1518d ago

Definitly...everyone who works under the xbox division has to report to the head of the division (Phil Spencer)..that includes Phil Harrison.

ger23961517d ago

And you know this how?

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