First Impressions: Staying Alive in Alien: Isolation, the Tensest Title on PS4 So Far - Push Square

Push Square: "That we’ve already sneaked through a short sample of upcoming PlayStation 4 survival horror Alien: Isolation says a lot about the game and its developer. Knowing that it could have easily been haunted by the spectre of Gearbox’s atrocious Aliens: Colonial Marines, The Creative Assembly has instead punctured any scepticism with a full round of playable Pulse Rifle firepower. This is a game that the British-based outfit wants you to brave for yourself, and that brings bloodcurdling credence to its aims and objectives for the complete campaign."

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ArchangelMike1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

If it is anything like OutLast, coun't me in. I was absolutely terrified by that game. Here's to hoping that the enemy behavior in Alien Isolation is truly unscripted and random. The one thing that I think let OutLast down, is the fact that the enemy didn't really have any AI, and was just canned scripted routines. Once you figured out the routines it lost it's edge.

mezati991572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

outlast is in my book of one the most scariest game ever made..i am so pumped for this

khaxel131572d ago

These eganes scare me too much haha its funny, I can handle movies no big deal, games though, are much more immerserve and I panic >,<

nucky641572d ago

yea - outlast has very scary atmosphere - can't wait to see mikamis "evil within"...full retail game from the master of survival horror.

IcicleTrepan1572d ago

looks good, title is bad though. It makes you think it's out now by saying 'the Tensest Title on PS4 So Far', but it's not out until October.

Si-Fly1572d ago

If it's more tense than Outlast I doubt I can handle it!

MasterCornholio1572d ago

Want to die from a heart attack?

Just play this game with Morpheus.

DigitalRaptor1572d ago

I want that experience.

(Not the heart attack), but I believe every first-person game on PS4 has room to be a great VR experience.

Rute1572d ago

I hope for the best, I really do, but I suspect that after couple of hours of playing the one Alien running around the space station will stop frightening most players, instead becoming annoying if one dies a lot.

But seems like the team is talented so maybe they manage to craft an excellent experience. At least the game looks amazing.

CorndogBurglar1572d ago

Yeah, I just don't see how this will keep people's interest.

Also, if it does, its a little ridiculous to think that someone would be able to keep surviving a bunch of encounters with an Alien. Sure, you might be able to do it once or twice, but Aliens are the best predators in the galaxy. Its going to get you eventually if you don't kill it. So to think that you can keep running in to the same alien over and over again, and survive every time is ludicrous. Anoyone that knows the Alien franchise can attest to this.

Si-Fly1572d ago

Ever heard of Ripley??

CorndogBurglar1571d ago


1. Ripley survived a couple encounters with Aliens, sure. But it would eventually catch up to her. In all of the movies she was in, (Not Resurrection considering that was some super clone with powers. She doesn't count) she maybe survived a handful of encounters, and one of those, in Alien 3, she only survived because she had a Queen in her, otherwise the Alien would have killed her.

Thats what I'm talking about. In Alien, she survived one long encounter with the Alien. Aliens doesn't really count because she had machine guns and a flame thrower and a power loader as weapons. So really, she didn't survive that many encounters with an Alien without help or weapons.

2. If this game is going to keep anyone's interest, then they are going to have to keep throwing the Alien at you every now and then. Not just 2 or 3 times throughout the game. So yeah, you're argument doesn't hold much water.

beotron1572d ago

Agreed, and I think I also read somewhere, that there is gonna be some interaction with other human survivors on the ship. So it might not just be the alien coming after you..

morganfell1572d ago

"It’s evident that this premise has been expertly inserted into the property’s canon, and it brings a personal motivation to your actions."

Canon? Ripley had a daughter? And the Narcissus (shuttle from the Nostromo with Ripley on board) was lost for 57 years before being found at the beginning of Aliens. The flight recorder from the Nostromo would have either been destroyed, autoloaded on the Narcissus, or floating not far from LV-426. Are they going to tell us the Nostromos flight recorder was autoejected back to a space station or found by accident before the shuttle with Ripley? Too much not fitting at this stage.

Dan Abnett writes the best Warhammer novels on the planet but maybe pushsquare is making a mistake with their details.

asmith23061572d ago

Yeah Ripley did have a daughter, she is mentioned in the directors cut version of Aliens.

Neonridr1572d ago

yes Ripley had a daughter. They mention her in Aliens when Ripley is in the hospital after being awoken from hypersleep. They even show a picture of her. She died at some point during Ripley's 57 year absence.

sorceror1711572d ago

Alien/Aliens nerd here. Ripley did have a daughter (in a deleted scene from Aliens). And in Aliens, the script talks about the "*shuttle's* flight recorder", not the Nostromo's.

And the Alien script has the Nostromo underway back to Earth before Kane wakes up and has his last meal. So if *its* flight recorder survived, it'd be somewhere other than LV-426.

If you want to get *really* geeky, you can guesstimate the Nostromo's speed (they say they're by Zeta II Reticuli, ~40 light years from Earth, and it'll be "ten months" to get home) at about a light year per week. Time in the movie could be a day or two, so that's up to a quarter light year away.

morganfell1572d ago

When I say near LV-426 I am talking relative to the entire trip. They had not even re-entered hypersleep so relative to the return certainly nearer to LV-426. Just went an pulled my Bluray collection and watched the scene so I can see how things would fit with the daughter but the flight recorder still doesn't work for me.

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