Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review (ITF Gaming)

William Mabin from ITF Gaming writes: The first Metal Gear Solid can be said to have popularised the stealth genre. The series has always flaunted smooth gameplay and graphics. It has always boasted a Hollywood-style movie appearance through its look and theatrical cut-scenes. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is possibly one of the hardest games I have ever had to review. Konami’s game, on the one hand is a masterpiece in terms of graphical manipulation and immersive gameplay, but it is not without its flaws.

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Geekman1572d ago

I find it funny how it's being marked down for being short when we were warned over and over that it was gonna be short before it came out.

minimur121572d ago

The thing is, because companies like IGN, Eurogamer and the likes get the copies of the game for free, they will rate it high because they haven't had to part with £20-£35 of their cash.

But smaller websites like this where they have had to part with a fair bit for a 6 hour experience will mark it down because they felt ripped off, which they have every right to be.

KrimsonKody1572d ago

Well, I'm mad.
I have to re~start my whole save, after I captured Paz, because I played too loosely with the flares. I couldn't find anymore once I was out. I guess now that I'm familiar with it all, I can just run back into it.
Also, I'm curious as to; if I choose to not do auto-save, will it allow me to manually save...
Does anyone know?

Allsystemgamer1572d ago

What do you mean you had to restart? You don't need the flares to call a helo. Start/option go down to helo and choose a landing zone.

Ratty1572d ago

You don't need flares to call an helicopter. You can just use call helicopter from the iDroid.

One good use for flares that I've seen is to distract guards in firefights but that's if you've already been spotted. They'll think it's a real grenade. I found it useful against one of Paz's guards who had a shotgun on my first playthrough.

Oschino19071572d ago

You don't need flares for any mission or to call in a chopper, they have designated landing zones spread around.

Check the map or use the app on a smartphone/tablet to call one in ahead of time while on the way to the landing zone.

Illusive_Man1572d ago

It deserved worst. Terrible excuse for a game.

minimur121572d ago

I read a comment on the PS Blog when it was released that said

' I think you've made a mistake, there's a demo that costs £25 on there!'

how true lol

Allsystemgamer1572d ago

I've paid over $60 for 6 hour games.

Sitting at 30 hours in ground zeroes and only 78% complete.

Try harder.

McScroggz1572d ago

I honestly don't think Ground Zeroes should get review scores. I mean, I understand that it HAS to; but it's kind of a disservice. The vast majority of negative reviews score it lower because of the price/gameplay ratioe - and I get it. Without a boss fight, the "campaign" mission does sorta feel like a demo and while the side missions are cool they are the same map with different objectives (though in one you literally just shoot dudes from the helicopter).

So judging it as a game compared to full fledged, $60 dollar releases it's easy to understand the discontent. Even downloadable games like Journey and Gone Home (which can be beaten in a couple hours with no replayability) feel justified because of it being a complete experience.

The problem I have is by assigning a score, the average game will think the game's quality is average - and that's not true. What is there is superb. That's why I understand yet hate this "game" getting scored. Although, despite the fact that I'm very much enjoying it I'd side on the average consumer who may be scared away by the scores thinking it's "bad" (read: decent) because if you're not a Metal Gear Solid fan you probably would be miffed by the experience if you pay full price.

TL:DR - Be a smart consumer and read more than just a score whether it's good, bad or middling.