Rumour: Mario Kart 8 to Feature Four Player Grand Prix

We have just crossed the two month countdown until Mario Kart 8 finally releases upon a hungry Wii U populace. Last week Nintendo invited select journalists to a preview event where they were able to spend their first sizeable chunk of hands-on time with the much desired racer. As usual however, Nintendo placed the lucky few under embargo, and are thus forbidden to speak of what they saw until this Wednesday/Thursday, that hasn’t stopped a small rumour from emerging however.

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Geekman1602d ago

Ah, non Watch Dogs crying related news.

This would be awesome. I'm already sold on the game, but this is selling me even more.

abzdine1602d ago

i agree!
this is a game i am really looking forward to.
First MK in HD is looking amazing!
i hope they make a single player with a story like they did with Diddy Kong on N64 that game was amazing.

3-4-51602d ago

A Track Editor in a Mario Kart game would making it the single most valuable game on the market that is current.

It would remain that way for the entire gen too.

Track Editor = Endless replay value

Either way, I'm getting this game, can't wait.

BattleN1602d ago

Sweet, now if these rumours of 4 player gran prix and track editor turn out to be true it will be the great-grandfather of kart racers for 100years to come. Last rumor was that sonic would be a guest character for 8

Dannycr1602d ago

I always thought that they asked Sonic to use a Kart to keep it fair because he will beat everyone on foot all the time :P

link2Dpast1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

Scientifically speaking Mario is faster than sonic on foot, not even pertaining to the kart. You can check it out on YouTube, their a video explaining, kinda ran over my childhood HA!!!

light691602d ago

Me while reading the title of the article
"well its about god dam time" lol

Ninte1602d ago

Looks good because I have three nephews and one nieces who fights over the wii u so this will give some piece of mind.

BattleN1602d ago

It just hit me, this could be a april fool's joke! :(

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