Nearly all players prefer free games with ads, report says

"A full 86 percent of players would rather get a free game with ads than pay for a game without them. And 71 percent like games that let you choose to watch ads in order to earn in-game currency, content or other rewards, a study by game network WildTangent and research firm IHS Technology has found"

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Anon19741482d ago

What's sad is those that hate ads would rather give your apps one star reviews and complain about the ads, thus hurting the developer, than actually spend money on the game to remove ads or buy the full version. People have no idea how damaging those one star reviews can be to an app developer, and when they're for some BS like "I don't want ads or in-app purchases" but you're still willing to play the game for free..what do you expect? Developers have families to support to.

I once ran a promo where we gave the full version of one of our games away for free for 24 hours and when the promo was over, a number of people gave us one star reviews because the full game wasn't free anymore. It's just ridiculous the the expectations some have of mobile developers.

Shadonic1482d ago

Yea I sort of presumed that what you described was what was actually going on during the whole " All these ads!! " craze. One of the things that I've been thinking about since I'm trying to get into mobile development.

1481d ago
Anon19741481d ago

@Cobra951 I'm not saying people should just blindly support developers for the sake of supporting developers, but it's not too much of a stretch to say that if you enjoy the hard work of a development team because you like their game, it'd be awfully nice to receive some support. :)

If you don't like a game, by all means, make your opinions known to the developer and the community, but don't punish developers for ads in free games because you don't like ads. It's unrealistic to expect that developers , whose primary income is creating games are going to spend months of their time creating a game, even a small mobile game, and then just give it away without the potential to receive some sort of compensation. Yet that's what an entitled chunk of users out there expect these days.

rainslacker1481d ago

That's really the market that mobile has made for itself though. Semi-open market and easy development tools made it so everyone and their brother were trying to capitalize on the mobile gaming explosion. All the competition drove prices down early, and then eventually the monetization had to come from "new" forms of revenue generation.

I feel it's going to remain that way until there is better quality control on the mobile markets, and possibly even minimum costs for games. Those aren't things that the mobile providers have even seemed to care about so long as they're making money.

trenso11481d ago

i never review a game but if i did i would one star game for ads because some game just take it to another level where it is distracting or pop up on the screen detracting from it. I get it you need ads your game isn't Clash of clans or whatever the new big thing is, but your ads don't have to be obnoxiously shoved in the players face. Not specifically saying that your games do that.

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MegaRay1481d ago

Imagine console games are all free but with ads that would be pretty good (or maybe pretty bad?), worse is, you have to be always-online tho

Roccetarius1481d ago

Imagine ads popping up before every cutscene in a game.

Mikefizzled1481d ago

How about mid cutscene? Maybe a Mountain Dew and Doritos advert mid way through 'the' Clementine and Lee cutscene in the Walking Dead.

paul-p19881480d ago

"This cut-scene is brought to you by McDonalds!"... it wouldn't surprise me if this was the future for all types of games though

justSumDood1481d ago

Just wait until you grow up, finish your education and get a job.
Then you won't be so concerned about spending money on games.

MetaReapre1481d ago

Sadly, I can see that coming to light. My visions of it though is any load screens would result in ads being present. Or if no loading times, there will be cuts in gameplay to show an ad. Worst case scenario would be a constant ad banner on the top/bottom of the screen. Or maybe the cuts in gameplay would be the worst I suppose...

Christopher1481d ago

I'd rather pay $2 or so for an ad free game.

jairusmonillas1481d ago

Not everyone is going to waste their $1 or $2 for a game they would never touch again the next day.

Perjoss1481d ago

I must be in the minority then, I prefer to pay full price for a quality finished game with no immersion breaking advertising. I must be crazy!

Summons751481d ago

This is very odd how it doesn't state who they asked. Chances are they asked only people who play cell phone games. This couldn't possibly be accurate if you look at anyone who has touched an Xbox they complain about the....what were they, oh yeah the ADS.

Cell Phone 'games' are ruining the industry.

justSumDood1481d ago

What's odd is their results don't seem to match the general consensus even in this comment section.

It seems, at least at first glance, the majority of gamers would rather PAY for the game outright and NOT suffer through advertisements.

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