The Division Snowdrop Engine Interview With Rodrigo Cortes

Ubisoft developer Rodrigo Cortes, brand art director at Massive Entertainment, explains how the new Snowdrop Engine is bringing games like Tom Clancy's The Division to life in this exclusive interview from GDC 2014.

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jagiii1513d ago

The Division is shaping up to be a really cool open world experience.

Evilsnuggle1513d ago

The Division looks amazing I can't wait for it. This is my most anticipated NextGen game. Can wait to see more of the RPG elements. I'm a big fan of crafting in games. I'm hoping for a deep crafting system. I liked the gun customization in Ghost Recon Future Soldier Would like if it was deeper. Can't wait to see more of The Division and The Order 1886 at E3

Rickgrimes951513d ago

Will be very disappointed if this does not come out this year

_FantasmA_1513d ago

Looks okay. Haven't see enough of it to be wowed and its YouBeSoft, so I'm expecting a downgrad, not that I care about graphics, but I'm just saying because if I get hyped now, I'll be disappoint later. Wish they would have chose another city. Tired of New York and the same cities being used all the time.

Tsar4ever011513d ago

How much money that footage of the ingame footage was "ALL OFF THE PC version" of the Divsion and not off either of the consoles dev-kits?