Blue Estate PS4 And Xbox One Preview

Comic book creator Viktor Kalvachev discusses the new video game sequel to Blue Estate, which is coming out for PS4 and Xbox One, in this exclusive interview from GDC 2014.

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jagiii1513d ago

This game looks and sounds as cool as the comic book.

Skate-AK1512d ago

Mixed feelings about this one. The story sounds unnecessary complected. Dialog seems cheesy when you read the subtitles. Never heard of the comic book so maybe that's just how it's made. I love rail-shooters though.

robtion1512d ago

Great cover art on the comic books.

joab7771512d ago

Looks promising. Hopefully the story remains. I hate hearing that the best characters didnt fit in the game or they wrote a story to work in a game. Too many compromises can be bad. I remain optimistic.

Blues Cowboy1512d ago

Blue Estate was HORRIBLE on Leap Motion - not just control-wise, but in terms of hateful characters, terrible storyline, production values and mistaking prejudice for humour. I hold out no hope whatsoever for this rehashed version - and I'd suggest that you lower expectations accordingly.