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The Last of Us begins with an emotional opening sequence which sets the theme for the rest of the game, not to give away too much information to those who haven’t played the game. - Writes Rachel Ellis

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wsionynw1234d ago

I'm only a couple of hours in, incredible opening though. I hear it gets even better.

GarrusVakarian1234d ago

" I hear it gets even better."

That would be an understatement. I envy the fact you are playing it with virgin eyes. I would love to wipe my memory clean and replay it for the first time again.

NeoTribe1234d ago

Lol, everybody saiz that.

Conzul1234d ago

^^ Well we mean it too.

rebeljoe141234d ago

play it on survivor and without using the listening mode to enhance the immersion and game experience. It felt a lot more fun for me that way

UglyGeezer1234d ago

It's always really good to get a female perspective on games.

TLOS was a seminal moment in adult gaming, I can't say I actually found it enjoyable, but it was without doubt the most tense gaming experience I've ever had.

Sometimes I had to witch my console of and take a breather, I was be sweating and not in a good way.

oakshin1234d ago

i was the same way it took me over 2 weeks 2 finish the game cuz i couldnt play it more then a hour r 2 at a time CRAZY INTENSE every aspect of the thing was built to suck u in and send u on a ride that i couldnt always handle i played the game 1x and it was on hard mode(the way ND said it was ment to be played.....) so the gameplay was setup like a survival-horror witch feed into the whole experience

salazarnaruto521234d ago

Just wondering, why is there a review for this NOW?

UglyGeezer1234d ago

Why not?

It's Frugal Gaming, the main ethos of the site is to save money. Older games are cheaper :)

Holeran1234d ago

Fantastic game although I can see why some people would take the stance of uglygeezer. It was a very intense game and could in some instances challenge some peoples view of actual humanity.

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