Gleaming the Planets³ | Hardcore Gamer

HG: First off, it's pronounced Planets Cube, and it's a Minecraft-style RPG set in a universe where all the terrestrial bodies have abandoned their spherical configuration and gone cubical instead. Hence, Planets³. There's a Kickstarter campaign that's been running at full steam for a bit over three weeks now, and with just a few days left on the clock it's going to be a race to the finish line, but not by any means an impossible one for this ambitious exploration game. We've gotten some hands-on time with the ultra-early alpha, and while it's short on gameplay at the moment the cubic world is still a fun place to explore.

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ValKilmer1574d ago

This could be a Minecraft Killer.

ElementX1574d ago

It's more than Minecraft could ever dream of being.