PS4 GDDR5 RAM Allows Massive Animations At Higher Frames, Gives Room To Increase Immersion

GamingBolt recently had an opportunity to speak the CEO of Origo Games, Adam McClard. The company on currently working on over-the-top 2D fighter The Chainsaw Incident. We asked Adam what kind of development benefits the unified memory architecture and GDDR5 RAM of the PS4 brought to the game.

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MRMagoo1231602d ago

Sounds like the devs that helped sony decide what to do with the PS4 hardware steered them the right way, I really look forward to the future of PS4 games and what crazy things will be able to be done with such a powerful console :)

otherZinc1602d ago

They should've used this "Massive Animations" power in Infamous Second Son.

kingAjabs1602d ago

They should've used "ANIMATIONS" on Titan Fall. Then it might've sold 1 million like Infamous.

Kavorklestein1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

I guess this 2d fighter REALLY needed all that ram.... doubtful. I can see how the ram is a very great thing to have, but this little game has very little relevancy to being worthy mentioning anything to do with the need for such a large pool of ram.
These guys can praise the PS4 if they want of course, but they surely don't appreciate it as much as Sucker Punch does.
This game could run with the exact same fidelity on last gen, or Wii U. Let's not fool ourselves here. Plus, I can't remember when ANYBODY felt immersed into a 2d fighter. I like them, and love them, but I have never felt immersed lol

zeuanimals1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

They're talking about development in general.

It's pretty common knowledge that GDDR5 has higher bandwidth and one of the uses of RAM is for animations. Higher bandwidth equals more information for things such as animations. Since this is pretty common knowledge, I'm pretty sure even a novice programmer would know this. Whether or not they're working on a 2D game or the most complex game ever doesn't matter.

Kavorklestein1602d ago

Of course they are talking about it in general.
But this article should be attached/linked to a more deserving game.. That's what I mean, and you KNOW that's what I mean.

zeuanimals1602d ago

I know that's what you meant, but they interviewed this particular guy and this is what he had to say. Are they just not going to publish an interview because the game isn't "deserving"?

The guy they interviewed said they're using a lot more frames than most games use, most games have their animations set to 30 or 60 frames.

If you're playing a fighting game on PC and it's running at 120+ FPS, it wouldn't look too different from the game simply running at 60 FPS because most fighting games are animated for 60 FPS. Take Skullgirls on Steam as an example, it's a 2D fighter but all of the animations are created for 60 FPS. It looks fluid but what they're doing in The Chainsaw Incident looks even smoother.

People with high-end PCs always say they don't care about new generations because their machines are better, but they should care because new generations mean devs don't have to program for the lowest common denominator. Expect to see more post-60 FPS animated games from now on. I expect fighters with 3D models or simply 3D fighters to be running at post-60 FPS as well on PS4, PC, and maybe X1.

Volkama1602d ago

It's Gamingbolt, they fish for quotes on GDDR5 in every interview with leading questions.

The chap gets an opportunity for some publicity, and the question that comes his way is something like "Can you tell us how you are taking advantage of the amazing 8gb GDDR5 RAM?".

abzdine1602d ago

it's one of the reasons why i bought a PS4.
i bought PS3 for the massive exclusives and how the CELL processor made them look.
exciting times

Agent_hitman1602d ago

I guess Sony have made a great decision to use GDDR5 for PS4 to be able to achieve their vision in bringing the best games.

With 8GB 5500mhz GDDR5 speed, developers will have more rooms for effects, textures, animations and also texture streaming without relying too much on the bluray..

Skate-AK1602d ago

Not going to lie, this title is super flamebait. In the article he says nothing about PS4. In fact, he says, "I think both platforms and even PC are more similar than most people let on I feel confident that the experience we will offer will be the same on any platform we bring the game to.”

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