Wil Wheaton Not a Fan of Facebook's Oculus Acquisition

It used to be the magic of Hollywood special effects that transported actors like Wil Wheaton to other lands when they entered the holodeck in Star Trek: The Next Generation. But video game technology is catching up to science fiction. Wheaton, who’s a big video game – and tabletop game – fan, talks about the near future of holodecks in your home and explains why he’s not a fan of Oculus Rift’s decision to join Facebook in this exclusive [a]list daily interview.

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gamerlive1332d ago

Not sure why Palmer Luckey didn't consult Wil Wheaton before the $2 billion deal.

IanVanCheese1332d ago (Edited 1332d ago )

I wonder if he is available for financial advice, I'm thinking of investing and I need some help?

Battlefieldlover1331d ago

Good question, he didn't consult his financial backers either.....

BX811331d ago

Wil Wheaton this is Sheldon Cooper... You shall fall!

SteamPowered1331d ago

I'm still waiting for micheal Dorn's opinion. He is my moral compass.

lsujester1331d ago

That deal was decidedly not honorable.

Auron1331d ago

I don't like Zuckerberg, I wont support OR. Just like I wont make an FB account.

JBSleek1331d ago

You don't like Zuckerberg? May I question why specifically him the guy who is the most charitable rich person in 2013?

ironfist921331d ago

Suppose its one way to make money by selling personal data to multi-national corporations and governments.

starchild1331d ago

Because it's the cool hipster contrarian thing to do, man. Get with the times.

Baccra171331d ago

You're surprised that he doesn't like a person that considers consumers/users of his products as dumb f'cks? I'm surprised that you'd follow someone like that whose actions show what he's all about.

Baccra171331d ago

And for those that were wondering here are the links to the sites that reported about Zuck calling his users "dumb f'cks."


And you guys want to put VR into his hands? Amazing...

JBSleek1330d ago

I don't care about him as a person I care about the product. Many CEO's are cut throat and very nasty but not once when buying a product have I ever said: "Wait is their CEO a nice person".

Ocsta1331d ago

If Data says its a good thing, I'll be on board. Until then, NEVAH!

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