GamesBeat interview: Microsoft’s new Xbox boss will put gamers first

GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi interviews Microsoft's new Xbox head, Phil Spencer. He says he'll make sure gamers are first-class citizens on Microsoft platforms.

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ColManischewitz1419d ago

This should be good for Xbox gamers.

curtis921419d ago

Good for gaming as a whole!

ErcsYou1419d ago

Gamers come first until stockholders demand more money.. The way this business seems to be working, he will be replaced by next year..

AngelicIceDiamond1419d ago

What Phil needs to do next is get rid of that parity clause with indie games and give out newer games with GWG on 360 and deliver us great and newer games with GWG.

If they do that then Xbox will be even better.

deantak1419d ago

from a platform owner's view, i'm not sure why the parity clause is a bad thing. from a developer's view, it is clear that it is a bad thing. but how is microsoft going to make money from games that arrive on its platform late?

curtis921419d ago

You're not sure why punishing developers is a bad thing just because you have an xbox one?

Tempest3171419d ago

It's only a good thing from the X1 platform owners view...because you guys are the ones that get the games at the same time as everyone else. What about owners of EVERY other platform, that are now forced to wait weeks/months for a version of the game irrelevant (for them) to be done. The policy literally ONLY benefits xbox owners, all it does is hurt every other platform.

AngelicIceDiamond1419d ago

@Dean if they get rid of it then more Indies will come and support X1, which means more games for us.


EXACTLY!!!! And on top of that, it is free for indies on the xbox platform. Something has to give!

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Bigpappy1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

That really is not too big of an issue.
Indies are getting a great deal on XBox already They don't make a brake the system. They need Xbox more than XBox needs them.

That is not boastful or arrogant. It is reality

I am not going to fault M$ for trying to ensure I get Quality from these upstarts

Chevalier1419d ago

They could release on PC and PS4 they don't need Xbox considering the PC market is quite large and PS4 has larger fanbase right now. Just like FFXIV, DC Online, Outlast and stuff like Everquest, Daylight, Octodad coming to PC/PS4 they actually don't need to release on Xbox One and do just fine.

Sadie21001419d ago

I can't keep track of all these executive changes at Microsoft anymore.

Naga1419d ago

I'm pretty sure you only need one hand to count all of them.

hello121419d ago

This is actually what i like to hear and just hope he does it still from now on.

Spencer: As I said, I have learned a ton from the fan feedback I get. I’d like to think that every great idea comes out of our company, but they don’t. We are making sure that we are listening and that feedback is open. That makes all of us better. There are people out there who are fans and they have a connection to all that we are doing. I want to make sure we are listening.

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The story is too old to be commented.